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this guy tryied to scam me 850$ when he already sold his lock

Sykos123 (8:55:20 PM): heyLucky7HeX went away at 8:55:21 PM.

Auto Response from Lucky7HeX (8:55:21 PM): I'm away right now.

Sykos123 (8:55:25 PM): still selling ur lock?Lucky7HeX (8:55:47 PM): no soldSykos123 (8:55:52 PM): awwSykos123 (8:55:56 PM): was gonna bid 700Lucky7HeX (8:56:14 PM): oicSykos123 (8:56:15 PM): so is it too late?Lucky7HeX (8:56:25 PM): yea, unfortunatelySykos123 (8:56:28 PM): damnSykos123 (8:56:32 PM): alirhgtLucky7HeX (8:56:53 PM): make it 900 and its not too late Sykos123 (8:57:12 PM): lolSykos123 (8:57:14 PM): 850Sykos123 (8:57:32 PM): 850?Lucky7HeX (8:57:51 PM): lolLucky7HeX (8:57:53 PM): u serious?Sykos123 (8:57:57 PM): yessirSykos123 (8:58:10 PM): got any alts? if u have an UD mage thats a HUGE plusLucky7HeX (8:58:20 PM): roffleSykos123 (8:58:24 PM): what/Lucky7HeX (8:58:31 PM): u know i have an UD mage u retard /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gifSykos123 (8:58:36 PM): lolSykos123 (8:58:38 PM): okSykos123 (8:58:41 PM): so 850?Lucky7HeX (8:58:52 PM): yes, send money to me on paypalSykos123 (8:59:05 PM): can i see the lock ingame?Lucky7HeX (8:59:28 PM): lol, sry, the lock is sold, i sold for 600 /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif Sykos123 (8:59:32 PM): lolLucky7HeX (8:59:32 PM): err, 500
Lucky7Hex Has Signed off (9:00:56)