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Buying Looking for an experienced Websitedev who can intigrate Steam api

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Hello, I am looking for an experienced Developer who can do backend + Frontend. Most of the design is already avaliable. I will give more infos on it via PN.
About me:
I am looking for someone who can do this for quite some time. It honestly doesnt seem like a hard project but I just cant seem to find someone serious. I have the money and quite some ideas for new websites so if you are a serious guy we wont have any problems.

Your requirements:
- you know the steam platform
- you are not a fraudster
- we will agree on all details/ price before the work
- you can intigrate Steam api

I can only pay via crypto you can chose which. I will not pay in advance. No 50-100-50. I will either pay after all the work is done and uploaded on my Server or we can use the MM service from here.

My contacts:
Telegram: @laveer777
Discord: laveer77#8703
ip hash: 00ac3085199a66f327d341
Not open for further replies.