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Look at this


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I decide to trade this guy a [url blocked] account with about 110 bucks credit. For his WoW account.

IPWNYOUomg: hey, you there
IPWNYOUomg: wth
IPWNYOUomg: when you get back im me, i changed the password
IPWNYOUomg: hello
halittle00: sorry
halittle00: wow way sorry haha
halittle00: one minute, eating
halittle00: im here though
halittle00: let me know when youre back
IPWNYOUomg: back
halittle00: ok
halittle00: sorry i was eating
IPWNYOUomg: account: zertan
IPWNYOUomg: pass: thanks
halittle00: theres 109$ in it
IPWNYOUomg: yeah, 6 bucks is still getting processed
IPWNYOUomg: for affiliate
IPWNYOUomg: go look at affilaite
IPWNYOUomg: 12% of $59.00
IPWNYOUomg: just add that to the balance
halittle00: what does pending mean for referrals?
IPWNYOUomg: means the sale is begin dealth with
IPWNYOUomg: you'll get the money soon
IPWNYOUomg: thats what it means
halittle00: so it is coming into the account soon?
IPWNYOUomg: yeah it should
IPWNYOUomg: so, can i get my info now? you can change anything you want
IPWNYOUomg: on mine
halittle00: yea hold on, im just looking around and making sure everything is here
IPWNYOUomg: alright :) sweet
halittle00: so explain how the whole affiliate program works?
IPWNYOUomg: you have an affiliate link, spread the link, and if someone purchases something through it, you get 12% of the profits
halittle00: does that percent ever increase?
IPWNYOUomg: yeah
IPWNYOUomg: and they always have stuff on sale
halittle00: how does it go up?
IPWNYOUomg: i guess if they start making some decent money, they raise it
halittle00: if they do raise it does it stay raised? can it decrease?
IPWNYOUomg: idk really, i havent really used it, but i would guess so
halittle00: ok
halittle00: what is the afiliate link?
IPWNYOUomg: its there
IPWNYOUomg: ill get it
IPWNYOUomg: lucky you
IPWNYOUomg: look
IPWNYOUomg: oh wait
IPWNYOUomg: nvm
IPWNYOUomg: http://www.disney.com/affiliate/track.php?id=zertan&to=index.php
IPWNYOUomg: thats it
IPWNYOUomg: if you want it, go to affiliates, then go to links and banners
IPWNYOUomg: [censored] dude
IPWNYOUomg: you bought something
halittle00: i know. its for my brother, hes starting an account
halittle00: thats why i sold this account
IPWNYOUomg: i need the info before you go crazy
halittle00: still just looking around. give me like 3 minutes
IPWNYOUomg: well, im gonna end the order until i see the account
halittle00: i can show you the account if youd like
halittle00: let you log onto it
IPWNYOUomg: ok
halittle00: but hold on. you can end the order?
IPWNYOUomg: yeah
halittle00: isnt the account mine though?
IPWNYOUomg: not until i get my part of the deal
halittle00: but how are you just going to transfer ownership
halittle00: if you can just do that whenever
IPWNYOUomg: i can't
IPWNYOUomg: im gonna give you the email that belongs to the account after i recieve the info
halittle00: alright
halittle00: you didnt cancel the order did you?
IPWNYOUomg: no
halittle00: k
halittle00: let me change the pw on my account and give it to you
IPWNYOUomg: accoount:
secret word:
IPWNYOUomg: btw, if you scam me, which i dont think you are, i will report you to www.ic3.gov
IPWNYOUomg: do the same for me
halittle00: will do
IPWNYOUomg: alright
IPWNYOUomg: info please
IPWNYOUomg: ...
halittle00: go to the wow site
IPWNYOUomg: im logging in game to see character
halittle00: i cant change the pw
IPWNYOUomg: ok, whats name and pass?
halittle00: my password is the same as all my other ones, i need to change it. im not scamming you, honestly im not. i cant login to the site
IPWNYOUomg: well, i dont know and of your other accounts or w/e so it doesnt matter
IPWNYOUomg: im getting ready to cancel the order, sotell me
halittle00: im not going to trade if you cancel it. i told you i cant change the password. it looks to me like you can always have full ownership to your account
IPWNYOUomg: no, im giving you the email, which you then change the password to
IPWNYOUomg: then i can no longer control the account
halittle00: what do you mean youll give me the email
IPWNYOUomg: the email that is linked to the account
IPWNYOUomg: i give you control of it, then you change the password
IPWNYOUomg: you tell me secret work and cd key after you get the email
IPWNYOUomg: name and pass now, it is only fair that i check the account
halittle00: let me try logging in again. im not lying, i cant log in.
IPWNYOUomg: word*
IPWNYOUomg: alright...
IPWNYOUomg: i see, use the "forgot username or pass" to change the password
halittle00: yes i know
halittle00: when i put information in it just tells me there was a problem with logging in. try again later
IPWNYOUomg: yeah
IPWNYOUomg: same here
IPWNYOUomg: use the "forgot username or pass"
IPWNYOUomg: you do it?
halittle00: the site is not working all around
IPWNYOUomg: hmm
IPWNYOUomg: dude, just let me login
IPWNYOUomg: it doesnt matter if you have the same passwords
IPWNYOUomg: you don thave the same account names
halittle00: i have so many accounts all over the place, i dont want to change all their passwords to different things
IPWNYOUomg: you won't, i dont know all the different info, account names and such, and anyways, i only want the account
IPWNYOUomg: look at it from my point of view
halittle00: i know, i just dont want to risk losing it
halittle00: i spent a lot of time on it
IPWNYOUomg: i know, but from my point of view, you just spent nearly a hundred dollars of MY money, saying if i canel it, you wont trade me
IPWNYOUomg: and i have no guarantee this isnt a scam
IPWNYOUomg: you can give me the cd key, sq/a after you recieve the the gold
IPWNYOUomg: the gold*
halittle00: i know, but i just dont want you screwing around on my account. i dont even really have anything
halittle00: from you
IPWNYOUomg: you have a pending order for 1000 gold
IPWNYOUomg: i have an aim conversation pasted into microsoft word...
IPWNYOUomg: and im not gonna screw on your account
IPWNYOUomg: im gonna look at the character to make sure its there then log off
IPWNYOUomg: and wait till you get the gold
halittle00: i dunno man i dont want to lose anything i spent a lot of time on it
IPWNYOUomg: i spent alot of time earning the money on that account
halittle00: sorry, this just isnt fitting together correctly for me... i see too many cracks i can fall into
IPWNYOUomg: im stepping into the grand canyon
IPWNYOUomg: :-(
IPWNYOUomg: but i guess i'll take your word
IPWNYOUomg: and wait till you get the gold
halittle00: im not going to go through with it
halittle00: cancel the order
IPWNYOUomg: i cant, that was a bluff
halittle00: ...
IPWNYOUomg: ill wait till you get the gold
halittle00: i told you i dont want to go through with the deal anymore..
IPWNYOUomg: its too late, you spent my money
halittle00: you told me you could cancel it
IPWNYOUomg: i can't, it was a bluff
IPWNYOUomg: you shouldnt go ordering 100 bucks of someones money if your not sure
IPWNYOUomg: let me know when you receive the gold
halittle00: im not getting the gold man
halittle00: i told you i didnt want to go through with this anymore
halittle00: cancel the order
IPWNYOUomg: I CANNOT CANCEL THE ORDER for the third time
halittle00: you told me you could.
halittle00: lying gets us nowhere
IPWNYOUomg: i told you that to give myself a false security that you were not scamming me
IPWNYOUomg: Hi, this is Kyle's father.
IPWNYOUomg: What is the dispute?
IPWNYOUomg: Do you understand that you cannot go back on an offer if you already spent his money? He worked very hard to get that.
IPWNYOUomg: I would understand you ordering if he said he can cancel it BEFORE you ordered it.
IPWNYOUomg: But He said that afterwards.
halittle00: i was unaware that i was not in control of the account
IPWNYOUomg: You will be.
halittle00: i thought i had full ownership, so i used it
halittle00: he told me he could cancel it
halittle00: which means i wasnt the owner
IPWNYOUomg: You would have had full ownership after he had at least seen your account.
halittle00: i told him to wait for me to change my password
halittle00: since i couldnt, we waited for the login to hgopefully repair
IPWNYOUomg: He just told me he will wait.
halittle00: after a while, i started seeing things that would point me in the path of a potential to lose my account, or at least part of it
halittle00: to which i told him i wanted to back down from the deal, and to cancel my order
halittle00: he told me he couldnt, and he was lying
IPWNYOUomg: You can't back down froma deal after you receive your part.
halittle00: i didnt receive my part is the thing
halittle00: ownership of his account was the deal in hand
halittle00: without ownership, i had nothing.
IPWNYOUomg: You are going to receive that, like it matters though, you already spent most of the money on the account.
IPWNYOUomg: Now, my son is sitting here redued to tears, none of which he deserves.
IPWNYOUomg: reduced**
halittle00: i am sorry, i told him i didnt want to go further, which he then revealed that he had been lying about a rather large aspect of the trade
IPWNYOUomg: It isn't a large aspect of the trade.
IPWNYOUomg: It would have been if he said that before you ordered.
IPWNYOUomg: How about this, you let him have the account, but you only tell him the Name, Password, and SQ/A, not the cd-key.
IPWNYOUomg: That way, if anything goes wrong, you can take back control of the account.
halittle00: i am not continuing with the deal sir
halittle00: i told your son that
IPWNYOUomg: You can't you spent te money.
IPWNYOUomg: the*
IPWNYOUomg: What you are doing is comparable to stealing.
halittle00: its like your son gave me his pack of gum
halittle00: i took a piece
halittle00: and then he told me it was his, and i had no right to do that
IPWNYOUomg: Not even close.
IPWNYOUomg: Its like my son giving you $109 to look at it, then you go buy a non-refundable item with it.
IPWNYOUomg: Without even telling him.
IPWNYOUomg: Just letting you know, If I reort you to IC3, you will be fined.
IPWNYOUomg: report*
IPWNYOUomg: I have screenshots of this conversation.


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No one cares you stupid [censored] tard, I dunno why you keep trying to advertise gamepal but no one cares so just [censored] off.


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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[censored] isn't a word. I don't want people to feel sorry for me, I just want people to know he's a scammer.