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lol, horrible scammers...WAKEBOARDR4lif


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[21:18] Treebrd2002: hey
[21:18] Treebrd2002: i have a cd-key
[21:18] WAKEBOARDR4lif: ok
[21:18] WAKEBOARDR4lif: hmm
[21:18] Treebrd2002: dont have markeerep but i do have ebay rep
[21:18] Treebrd2002: WAKEBOARDR4lif
[21:19] Treebrd2002: sorry wrong thing
[21:19] Treebrd2002: http://myworld.ebay.com/treebeard2002
[21:19] WAKEBOARDR4lif: hmm
[21:20] WAKEBOARDR4lif: haha
[21:20] Treebrd2002: ?
[21:20] WAKEBOARDR4lif: thats ebay rep not tradin
[21:20] Treebrd2002: k...
[21:20] WAKEBOARDR4lif: but whatver its cool
[21:21] WAKEBOARDR4lif: so u want my Gc for it
[21:21] Treebrd2002: yeah
[21:21] WAKEBOARDR4lif: k
[21:21] WAKEBOARDR4lif: im interested
[21:23] WAKEBOARDR4lif: ok
[21:23] WAKEBOARDR4lif: so
[21:23] Treebrd2002: so...
[21:23] WAKEBOARDR4lif: so u wanna trade
[21:24] Treebrd2002: yeah i guess
[21:24] WAKEBOARDR4lif: where did u get ur cd key?
[21:25] Treebrd2002: best buy
[21:25] WAKEBOARDR4lif: o
[21:25] Treebrd2002: thought i was going to get a char and xfer it onto the cdkey, but that fell through
[21:25] Treebrd2002: might as well add time to my main
[21:25] WAKEBOARDR4lif: o ok
[21:26] WAKEBOARDR4lif: alright whats the key
[21:26] Treebrd2002: uhh...
[21:26] WAKEBOARDR4lif: im scratchin off Gc
[21:26] Treebrd2002: k
[21:26] Treebrd2002: but how do i know that you wont just take the key and not give me the gc...
[21:27] WAKEBOARDR4lif: how do i kno ur gonna do the same thing
[21:27] WAKEBOARDR4lif: mines more expensive
[21:27] WAKEBOARDR4lif: lol
[21:27] Treebrd2002: lol...
[21:27] Treebrd2002: seems weve come to a bump in the road
[21:27] WAKEBOARDR4lif: why yes
[21:27] WAKEBOARDR4lif: im not going anywhere
[21:27] WAKEBOARDR4lif: infact
[21:28] WAKEBOARDR4lif: the reason why i need one is to start a account
[21:28] WAKEBOARDR4lif: becase my other ones got scammed
[21:28] WAKEBOARDR4lif: all of them/
[21:28] Treebrd2002: hmmm...
[21:29] Treebrd2002: so how should we do this?
[21:29] Treebrd2002: all but the last 4 digits
[21:29] Treebrd2002: then countdown and put the last 4?
[21:30] WAKEBOARDR4lif: well do we have the same amount of digits
[21:30] Treebrd2002: you have 25
[21:30] Treebrd2002: i have 26 i think
[21:30] Treebrd2002: yeah, 26
[21:32] Treebrd2002: YCZR9D-N4ZG-DJJPYJ-XXJD-7E
[21:32] Treebrd2002: thats all but the last 4
[21:32] WAKEBOARDR4lif: wait
[21:32] WAKEBOARDR4lif: im confused
[21:32] Treebrd2002: how so
[21:33] Treebrd2002: ?
[21:33] WAKEBOARDR4lif: well
[21:34] WAKEBOARDR4lif: so
[21:34] WAKEBOARDR4lif: hmm
[21:34] WAKEBOARDR4lif: so were gonna tell eachother the last digits at the end
[21:35] Treebrd2002: yeah
[21:36] WAKEBOARDR4lif: wait is that right
[21:36] WAKEBOARDR4lif: is that all but the last ones
[21:36] Treebrd2002: no... because cards have numbers
[21:37] Treebrd2002: and thats 23
[21:37] Treebrd2002: lol
[21:37] WAKEBOARDR4lif: o lol
[21:37] Treebrd2002: nice scamming
[21:37] WAKEBOARDR4lif: wait dont leave
[21:37] Treebrd2002: ...
[21:37] WAKEBOARDR4lif: im sry for attempting to scam u
[21:37] Treebrd2002: lawl
[21:37] WAKEBOARDR4lif: can we be cool?
[21:37] Treebrd2002: whatever you say
[21:38] WAKEBOARDR4lif: dude i have a deal with u
[21:38] WAKEBOARDR4lif: if u let me use ur cd key i can scam accounts and we can share the profit
[21:38] Treebrd2002: ...
[21:39] WAKEBOARDR4lif: wait cd keys are the thing wen u create a acc right?
[21:39] Treebrd2002: yeah
[21:41] WAKEBOARDR4lif: what if i go to the store tomorow and get u a gamecard
[21:41] Treebrd2002: no
[21:41] Treebrd2002: were not still trading
[21:41] Treebrd2002: im not retarded
[21:41] WAKEBOARDR4lif: wow someones obssed with a game
[21:41] Treebrd2002: what?
[21:42] WAKEBOARDR4lif: nerd
[21:41] WAKEBOARDR4lif: ur obssessed with WoW
[21:42] Treebrd2002: this gets funnier every second...
[21:42] WAKEBOARDR4lif: it does doesnt it
[21:42] WAKEBOARDR4lif: get a life man
[21:43] Treebrd2002: Your lame attempt at scamming me, and then insulting me, for not wanting to give you $20 of my hard earned dollars, that I earned with my "JOB", something you should get by the way instead of resorting to scamming other people to feed your wow addiction.
[21:43] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

all i can say is lolocaust


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lol omg thats so funny