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Selling Limited time offer!! No restock available!!

  1. IOS
  2. Android
  3. PC
  4. Playstation
  1. Mihoyo
  1. Female
SSR Chars
  1. 6+


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Hey guys, got some good news today with all this Covid outbreak around us! 📰👍

I got 1285€ balance on offgamers.com
I'm a diamond member, I can instantly receive any gift cards you need and I will record how I bought using site credits!

No Ban
No Login
No negative

What this means?
This means that you need to tell me for what platform you need and region!

Then I will send you the card in less than 5 minutes!
This is super limited, I will check for a few hours to see the offers then we are good to go Boyz! I'm posting this on fb and other sites too!
That's my full stock 12x 100$/€ cards!
I will write the price list in Genshin Crystals so it will be easier for you to make the difference! I don't offer this kind of services, I just want cashout what I got!

6.480 Crystals = 55$
12.560 Crystals = 100$
31.600 Crystals = 220$
64.800 Crystals = 390$

Very simple process, nothing illegal involved I will show you my purchase history and that account name matches the PayPal one too.
For instant response add me on Discord!
ip hash: 3edd99d71fb791dc8a9819