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Hey guys,

I'm selling a few platinum trophies :) I already sold a couple on ebay so I can show you a few positive feedbacks on there

Currently selling

Spyro the Dragon
- 20€

Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon
- 20€

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1
- 20€

6x Inksplosion - Ps4 and PSVita EU, NA and AS
- 2,50€ per Version

6x Super Destronaut DX - Ps4 and PSVita EU, NA and AS
- 2,50€ per Version

4x Jack n Jill - Ps4 and PSVita EU and NA
- 1,50€ per Version

- 1€

Storm Boy Ps4 NA Version
- 4€

Jak 2 (with debug menu)
- 2€

2x FullBlast Ps4 and psvita EU
- 2,50€ per Version

2x Tetras escape Ps4 and PSVita EU
- 3,00€ per Version

Mr. Massagy
- 2,00€

2x Little Adventure on the praerie Ps4 and psvita
- 1,50€ per Version

2x My name is MayoPs4 and psvita
- 3,00€ per Version

Hit me up on discord if you are interested :)