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Selling Legion Proving Grounds Endless Healer (30 waves) All classes!


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You want to be part of the elite few? The coveted "Proven Healer" (Endless to 30 waves) title and achievement can be yours.

Done by hand, no botting whatsoever
Location of boost: Canada
100% safe, not a single ban since I started or you will be compensated


Completion time less than 1 Hour!
Accepting both

Extra: If you want a higher score on the leaderboard, I charge +1$ per each additional waves over 30. I can also do the "You're doing it wrong" and "You're really doing it wrong" achievement for $10 & $25 (Druid , Paladin and Priest only).

- I'm online all day everyday (Eastern Standard Time, UTC - 5 hours) and I reply very fast.
- I stream everything in full HD from start to finish
- I save your configuration and keybinds (to restore it after)
- I value your safety and privacy
100% money back guarantee

I will never share your information with anybody else. Why? Because I play every single healing classes by myself (druid, paladin, shaman, priest and monk). There is no middle man involved.

Yes you will need to share your account, but you are in safe hands.

Contact Informations:
Skype: ZathanPG
[email protected]

What a wonderful guy!
Had my druid sitting around, and figured I'd never get around to do endless 30, so I decided to try his service out!
Very reasonable price now in the beginning, I urge others to take the chance!

On the service:
Easy to talk to, knowledgeable and smart. Adviced me on what needed changing in my gear/gems, so that my semi-random gear worked well for the task.
I use an authenticator, but that was no problem, just had to provide one code on his first login.
Once he started, the process was quick and professional, setting up UI and bindings, testing quickly and then straight into the grounds!
I didn't have the rep for the klaxxi regen items, but he managed very well without them, never even close to being out of mana!
The proving grounds themselves were quick and painless, it was streamed and looked so controlled compared to what my attempts have been like!

In short:
Highly recommended, if you have the appropriate class sitting around you should take your chance now!
I got this nice fella to do my endless 30 waves on the druid and it was done so cleanly and smoothly! He even gave me an extra 10 waves as a small "gift". It was a great service and i recommend it to anyone!

Would gladly let him do more for me any day!
this was brilliant. %100 trust and skilled. it didnt take 1 hour to complete whole stuff. i highly recommend it.
I made an account simply to leave him a feedback. He has been very patient and I am willing to vouch for him. I even have skype logs. It is my first time letting people into my account and I was worried about it being a scam. But its not! Thank you so much again. Now I finally have the title, no more failing at wave 25.
He did 35 waves on my resto shaman, and he streamed it meanwhile so I could watch. Trusted and recommended!
I got this service done on a Holy Paladin for my friend as an early Christmas present.

She's a DPSer at heart, but wanted the Healer title to match her character name.

Her paladin had horrible gear - crafted PvP, Timeless Isle and heroic blues. Hardly any gem slots. Nothing was enchanted or gemmed.

Zathan gladly gemmed, enchanted, reforged, glyphed before starting without complaint.

He got Wave 30+ without any issues.

We were both so impressed, a bit of extra money was tipped.

If you're looking for someone to get Proven Healer for you - this is the guy you want.

Would recommend to anyone.
Great and professional service, highly recommended!
awesome guy, did a great job, really impressed, would recommend to everyone!
Fantastic service from start to end 11/10 :) ! He took the time to optimize my character by making sure I was wearing the best available gear I had in my bags/bank, had the right gemming, enchants and reforging before entering Proving Grounds. He even set up a stream so that I could watch the whole process which ensured me that my character was in good hands.

I also needed 2 professions boosted from 1-600 (Alchemy and Tailoring) and he just happened to offer profession boosting services as well! He boosted both of these professions to 600 in a few hours and even sold the excess stuff he made during the boosts on the AH to recoup some of the gold spent.

Highly recommended professional service will use again thanks :D !
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This guy is awesome! He did that and it took basically an half hour! And on top of that he leveled my enchanting for a extra price!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! One of the best ! :D 100/10