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Legendary Tamer/Elder Mage account for sale/possible trade


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
42 months old, on Lake Superior
120 music/vet/animal lore/peacemaking 103ish taming
Has about 2 mill on the account, 1255 luck suit
Has Max stat and fully trained pets

The Elder mage has an Ethy Llama

Also has a GM tinker/tailor/90 mining tradesmule
Theres a thief with gm lockpick
The alts have 100% LRC suits
Also a house, dont really remember what it is.

I have pictures, and all account information, will use a middleman.

For a trade would be for World Of Warcraft on Stormreaver server. Possibly an account on another server.

Send me a instant message on AOL Instant Messenger as: r0g0wski