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Trading Legendary 60 UD Warrior. DPS Geared HoR !


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Looking to sell. The best geared DPS war on the server.

He also comes with 3 Epic Mounts :

Epic Wolf ( Orgrimmar exalted )
AV Wolf ( AV Exalted )
Epic Horse

Account includes 1500g as well !

Head - Conqueror's Crown / Lionheart Helm / Helm Of Wrath
Neck - Chocker of the Shifting Sands / Onyxia Tooth Pendant / Medallion of Steadfast Might
Shoulders - Conqueror's Spaulders / Might
Back - Cloak of Draconic Might / Drape of Unyielding Strength
Chest - Zandalar Vindicator's Breastplate / Might
Wrist - Hive defiler Wristguards / Might
Hands - Flameguard Gauntlets / Might
Belt - Onslaught Girdle / Wrath
Legs - Titanic Leggings / Wrath
Boots - Boots of the Fallen Hero / Wrath
Rings / Trinkets - Brood Ring ( Exalted ) / Circle of Applied Force / Master Dragonslayer's Ring / Signet Of Unyielding Strengh / Blackhands Breath / Hand Of Justice / Onyxia Blood Talisman
Weapon - Hand Of Rag / Untamed Blade / Doomcallers Edge / Quell Serrar, Deathbringer

He has full sets of resist gear in bank.
300 Blacksmith can craft over 10 Epic Recipes including the ability to make ICEBANE pieces ( epic plate naxxramas frost resist set ).

Note : Not transferable. PVE Server

contact me on AIM : ursmasht or PM me here.

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