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Leet Scammer


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MaGeZPwNJoO: hi
SubliMe0392: hey
MaGeZPwNJoO: Still got ur lock
MaGeZPwNJoO: ?
SubliMe0392: Yes
SubliMe0392: But it may be traded by the end of the night
MaGeZPwNJoO: what u looking for
MaGeZPwNJoO: ?
SubliMe0392: did u read my post?
SubliMe0392: guess not?
MaGeZPwNJoO: like
MaGeZPwNJoO: a day ago
MaGeZPwNJoO: yes
SubliMe0392: rogue warrior hunter
MaGeZPwNJoO: i have a rogue
MaGeZPwNJoO: full t2
SubliMe0392: what else
MaGeZPwNJoO: full t1 hunter
SubliMe0392: no no
SubliMe0392: i mean whats on the rogue
MaGeZPwNJoO: full t2...
SubliMe0392: thank you for repeating yourself
MaGeZPwNJoO: perditions
MaGeZPwNJoO: and
MaGeZPwNJoO: Fang of faceless
SubliMe0392: trinkets/rings/neck/cloak?
SubliMe0392: what race, server type
MaGeZPwNJoO: Eskhanders pelt
MaGeZPwNJoO: the agilty ring
MaGeZPwNJoO: and the agi trinkets
SubliMe0392: umm
MaGeZPwNJoO: UNdaead
MaGeZPwNJoO: Tichonirus
MaGeZPwNJoO: pvp
SubliMe0392: there are no such things
SubliMe0392: agi trinkets?
MaGeZPwNJoO: Yup....
SubliMe0392: no such thing in the game
SubliMe0392: where does fang of the faceless drop?
SubliMe0392: i forgot
MaGeZPwNJoO: I think
MaGeZPwNJoO: Cant remmeber
SubliMe0392: ok
SubliMe0392: your a scammer
MaGeZPwNJoO: ?????
MaGeZPwNJoO: its either AQ or ZG
SubliMe0392: lemme try the account
SubliMe0392: or can u show me in game
SubliMe0392: ?
MaGeZPwNJoO: scam
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lol he just shutup after this like the 3rd time the same guys messaged me

MaGeZPwNJoO (8:16:48 PM): Hey
UglyIrishBMX (8:17:40 PM): hi
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:17:48 PM): what u got
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:17:49 PM): in wow
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:17:50 PM): ?
UglyIrishBMX (8:18:00 PM): one sec
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:18:03 PM): kk.
UglyIrishBMX (8:20:07 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/120141/an/0/page/0#120141
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:20:50 PM): what u looking for
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:20:50 PM): ?
UglyIrishBMX (8:21:03 PM): manely epic rogue
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:22:27 PM): i have 1...
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:22:29 PM): full t2
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:22:32 PM): 4/5 DB
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:22:35 PM): frozen though
MaGeZPwNJoO (8:22:38 PM): thats why im trading
UglyIrishBMX (8:23:20 PM): dont mean to come off wrong but i would have to see it befor i trade for it