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lagit? or scamm?


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Multiple Accounts
Savagemaxd1: hey
ThePreformerICE: hello
ThePreformerICE: intrested in my account?
Savagemaxd1: i saw your post
Savagemaxd1: are those all on 1 account?
ThePreformerICE: yup
Savagemaxd1: wow
Savagemaxd1: ok well i have 2 accounts
Savagemaxd1: not sure which u would be more interested in
ThePreformerICE: shoot
ThePreformerICE: =]
Savagemaxd1: first is a 60 warrior, sulfuras, hand of ragnaros, flameguard gauntlets, onslaught girdle, 8/8 might 3/8 wrath, blastershot rifle, onyxia tooth pendant, drake fire pauldrons... full crit gear epics mainly
ThePreformerICE: haha
ThePreformerICE: sucky oh hand of rag =)
Savagemaxd1: second is a 60 mage, 4/8 netherwind 8/8 arcanist, azuresong mageblade, talisman of ephemeral power plenty of more epics
Savagemaxd1: both are fully epicd
ThePreformerICE: damn
ThePreformerICE: same here
ThePreformerICE: warrior is nice
ThePreformerICE: you there?
Savagemaxd1: yep
ThePreformerICE: i want the warrior =)
Savagemaxd1: nice
ThePreformerICE: can i see him?
Savagemaxd1: you have sa/cdkey for your char i assume?
ThePreformerICE: nope
ThePreformerICE: guy quit 3 months ago and gave it to me im a guildie of his he been playing nigt it came out
Savagemaxd1: hmmm wel is it legit?
Savagemaxd1: ok
ThePreformerICE: come see him
ThePreformerICE: if you awnt
Savagemaxd1: make a toon on frostwolf horde
ThePreformerICE: frostwolf
ThePreformerICE: haha
ThePreformerICE: shoulda went to frostmain ><
Savagemaxd1: lol
ThePreformerICE: name>?
ThePreformerICE: horde or ally?
ThePreformerICE: you got that info? or:?
Savagemaxd1: its horde
ThePreformerICE: nice
ThePreformerICE: name?
Savagemaxd1: bonebreaker lol
ThePreformerICE: HAHA
ThePreformerICE: nice
ThePreformerICE: if hes a cow then he definatly is a bonebreaker
ThePreformerICE: make orc?
Savagemaxd1: he is a cow
Savagemaxd1: lol
Savagemaxd1: yeah orc pls
ThePreformerICE: haha
ThePreformerICE: then his name bonebreaker is true
ThePreformerICE: i like the 5% more health or w/e
ThePreformerICE: cant make a pic
ThePreformerICE: can you take a pic of him saying "ICE"?