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ktknx is a scammer!!


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Ktknx scammed me of $90.00 this morning. I talked with him about buying a level 60 account, we came to an agreement of 90 bucks, i sent him the money he signed off AIM, never givign me any info about the account, unable to get ahold of him many hours later. Here is the Aim convo we had this morning, we talked a little about the account before this one this morning.

LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:15:40 AM): hey
z3r1u5 returned at 10:21:44 AM.
z3r1u5 (10:21:45 AM): hi
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:23:01 AM): still have your mage for sale?
z3r1u5 (10:23:15 AM): 100.00 USD.
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:23:23 AM): i can offer 90
z3r1u5 (10:23:26 AM): ok
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:23:40 AM): you have orginal cd key and sq/a right?
z3r1u5 (10:23:44 AM): yes
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:23:51 AM): whats ur markee name?
z3r1u5 (10:23:55 AM): ktknx
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:24:33 AM): kk
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:24:38 AM): whats ur paypal email?
z3r1u5 (10:24:58 AM): [email protected]
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:25:30 AM): sent
z3r1u5 (10:25:42 AM): let me go check
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:26:36 AM): k
z3r1u5 (10:26:43 AM): still loading O_O omg
z3r1u5 (10:26:44 AM): this is slow
LaSeRmOnKeY56 (10:27:06 AM): haha k
z3r1u5 signed off at 10:27:28 AM.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY, HE HAS 3 POSITVIES BUT IS UNTRUSTWORTHY. Im filing a complaint with paypal, and if nothing is done issueing a chargeback, because fraud is a felony.

Just figured i would give a heads up