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Selling Konosuba FD Global - Day 1 #2 - 108 4star - 214k Quartz - 19x 4* tickets

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Hi there, I've been playing with this account (second one) since day one (only missed a few days since then, but playing everyday otherwise)

General info about the account:
  • Rank: 137
  • 4 star: 108
  • Quartz: 214k
  • Eris: 184mil
  • Axis medals: 65
  • Eris medals: 397
  • All main quests done

Collab characters:
  • Re Zero: ALL
  • DanMachi: ALL
  • Overlord: ALL

For Arena I usually rank between 1000-5000 (depending on the arena, though I only do full auto so it could be better).

List of 4 star units (column "Pulled ?") : 4 star spreadsheet

Video for more details about the account:

I'll continue playing daily to get the various rewards/login bonus and do the Arenas, Free & Expert missions until selling.

If you buy it I'll send you transfer codes for Sesisoft.

Price: 175$
Payment: PayPal F&F (possible with Trade Guardian Middleman)

Feel free to respond/pm if you have any question.
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Updated post with current content, extra 4*:
  • Kazuma (Mysterious Adventurer)
  • Yunyun (Memories of the Magic Academy)
  • Vanir (Finale of Mask)
  • Vanir (Card Sharp)
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I'm interested in your account, for 200 via wise I'll post it immediately, regards, Jmeu#2448 discord
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Hi, thank you for the offer but I don't use wise.
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