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Selling Kongregate account with a level 80 over $26,000 invested


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Hi, I'm selling my kongregate account entirely.

I have a level 80 knight that is second strongest on us east 14 server. I put almost 26 to 30 thousand in this game alone. Not to mention the old games I spent on in my kongregate account. i just got the title kings right yesterday. The account needs nothing but a minor casher to keep it up. I'm selling for 8,000 USD. I'll take bitcoin or Paypal here's a look.

US East 8 or 14 r2 servers Kongregate account

Have all the sylphs odin, frigga, thor, all red sworded.
I'm second strongest on server. I will up load a picture.
30 Million BR with full dims.:cool::cool:

Contact me on site. Or kik: auto . On site better.
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