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kik OP exploits unleaked *updated october 2020*



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*UPDATES*Selling OP Kik Exploits {Non Leaked
•Latest blue kik crash(3.4.1)
•Perma Brick Updated for ios(can't be unbricked).
•Crash Loop
•Fake Camera
•Disable !XMPP Logger
•Spam Bot(Updated)
•Stock,Lynx,Blue Pirhos Crash(Updated)
•Botnet And Semi-Botnet
•New Mods For Group Chat.
List of exploits. (You can edit jids and messages).
1•Future Time Stamp(Sends Texts From Year 2088).
2•Android Brick(Doesn't Work Against Latest Stock Kik Or Blue Kik).
3•Disable Members(Gives _error_ When Click On GC Info).
4•Group Brick(Doesn't work against blue kik).
5•Kik Card OP Exploit(Sends Blurred Pic, When clicked the user will be redirected to a website which will lag his phone).
6•Spam Bot V1(Spams bot messages on kik homescreen).
7•Kik Team Spam(Spams kik team jids all over the kik homescreen).
8•JID Spam.
9•Bot Spam V2.
10•Blue Pirho Crash OP(Crashes Blue Pirho 3.2 and Latest Blue Pirho).
11•Gc Crash(Works against invincible kik,blue kik 3.2.1 or less)
12•Brick +(Spam the stanza and it will lowkey brick/crash latest blue 3.4.1).
13•Kik Crash(Crashes/Force Logout Latest stock kik aka normal kik and lynx Remix).
14•PermaBrick OP(ios Users won't be able to use account in iphone once permabrick them).
15•Promote user to admin.
16•Spoof Owner(Pm anyone as anyone ;) ).
17•IP logget( Lol,you know it xD ).
More coming soon babies :*
Kik me @Lii
Telegram: GhostingX
For information about exploits, rates,how to use and stuffs.
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