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kamakazieufo8 = worst scam attempt next to charlies or w/e


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kamakazieufo8: what
kamakazieufo8: let me read
c1 DrunK: lol
kamakazieufo8: your saying im john?
c1 DrunK: no
c1 DrunK: manofthesun or whatever
kamakazieufo8: thats not me
kamakazieufo8: i havent posted tho
c1 DrunK: lol
c1 DrunK: then how come your aim is in those logs?
kamakazieufo8: that is
kamakazieufo8: but
kamakazieufo8: whos that 04 guy
kamakazieufo8: thats waht i want to know because thats not me
kamakazieufo8: i dont have a warrior
c1 DrunK: thats funny
c1 DrunK: because theres only one guy with manoffthesun in there name
c1 DrunK: how can that not be you?
kamakazieufo8: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...=true#Post78626
kamakazieufo8: look at the first post
c1 DrunK: ...
c1 DrunK: thats obviously you
c1 DrunK: dont deny it
kamakazieufo8: just attempted to steal my epic warrior with 22 epics, constantly wanting on it, and i just let him go on and sure enough he changed the pw and i recalled it....gg scrub
kamakazieufo8: by manofthesun
kamakazieufo8: and i dont have a warrior
kamakazieufo8: and then hes using me SN
c1 DrunK: you really suck at scamming you know that?
kamakazieufo8: how?
kamakazieufo8: look bro
kamakazieufo8: read the 1st [censored] post dip [censored]
c1 DrunK: lol
kamakazieufo8: READ THE FIRST POST
c1 DrunK: err
c1 DrunK: kamakazieufo8
c1 DrunK: is what i see in those logs
c1 DrunK: lern2read.com
kamakazieufo8: LOOK
kamakazieufo8: AT
kamakazieufo8: THE
kamakazieufo8: TOP
kamakazieufo8: POST
kamakazieufo8: SCROLL UP
kamakazieufo8: THATS MANOFTHESUN
kamakazieufo8: IM KAMAKAZI
c1 DrunK: yes I see that
c1 DrunK: then how come "he" posted logs that had YOU and johhnyboy in it?
c1 DrunK: lol
c1 DrunK: some kind of conspiracy?
kamakazieufo8: thats what im saying...manofthesun is saying he is me
c1 DrunK: i doubt that
kamakazieufo8: read
kamakazieufo8: hes saying rite there
c1 DrunK: no way you can prove thats not you
c1 DrunK: lol
c1 DrunK: sorry
c1 DrunK: but you're really the worst scammer next to charlies or whatever his name is
kamakazieufo8: hrm alrite im in now
kamakazieufo8: you wanna just see him?
c1 DrunK: character creation is disabled bud
c1 DrunK: i told you that
kamakazieufo8: i will make a ss of him saying c1drunk
c1 DrunK: do it then
kamakazieufo8: alrite
kamakazieufo8: oh wait ur a scammer im not doing that
kamakazieufo8 signed off at 10:51:20 PM.

I obviously owned this little prick. These stupid [censored] 10 year olds need to
1. Learn to speak the english language.
2. Not make it obvious if you're trying to scam. (forum search ftw?)

my favorite part is at the end, when he calls me a scammer when I just proved that he was a scammer... what a [censored] douchebag.

go back to fisher price, kid.


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yep thats him alright, no one can possibly butcher the english language that much.