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Just weird..


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awachowski4269: hey
capslockftw: hi
awachowski4269: i wanna trade
capslockftw: O_O
capslockftw: trade what ?0o
awachowski4269: wow for guildwars
capslockftw: what kind of wow acc you got ?
awachowski4269: 60 priest
capslockftw: epics ?
awachowski4269: tier 2 set
awachowski4269: in a guild that raids molten core weekly
capslockftw: can i see him ingame ?
awachowski4269: no
awachowski4269: scammer
capslockftw: why is that
capslockftw: Lol
capslockftw: i just wanna see him ingame
awachowski4269: why you try to scam me?
capslockftw: am i trying to scam you ?
awachowski4269: if i give account login you will steal
capslockftw: no
capslockftw: lol
capslockftw: you don't need to give me your login info yet
capslockftw: i'll log with my noobie account
capslockftw: and make a character
capslockftw: and you come to the start point
awachowski4269: blocked scammer
capslockftw: wtf lmfao
awachowski4269: you want to use exploits on my account
capslockftw: LOL
capslockftw: WTH!
awachowski4269: how about
capslockftw: i just want to see the damn character, so your not lieing about it
awachowski4269: you give me your guild wars login
awachowski4269: so YOUR not lying
capslockftw: lmfao
awachowski4269: how do i know your note lying
awachowski4269: i think u r a scammer tho
capslockftw: dude
capslockftw: do you even understand english ?
awachowski4269: yes
awachowski4269: are you a scammer?
capslockftw: no...
capslockftw: let me explain
capslockftw: you log on your wow account, and i log on my wow account
capslockftw: then
capslockftw: you go on the starting place
capslockftw: i'll make a lvl 1 toon
awachowski4269: then change your guild wars password to something like 'testpass' and let me check it out, THEN ill let you see my character on my
capslockftw: and you come to show the char
awachowski4269: you will EXPLOIT me
capslockftw: Lol
awachowski4269: i know it scammer
capslockftw: exploit, that's not possible
awachowski4269: i had it happen once
capslockftw: i need to log on YOUR account
awachowski4269: i had to get blizzard to retrieve my account
capslockftw: how can you prove you got the char
capslockftw: do you even know where tier 2 drops ?
capslockftw: Lol
awachowski4269: by giving you the info
awachowski4269: WHEN you let me see your gw
awachowski4269: scammers always want me to go first
capslockftw: dude, your not listening, or you don't understand english
awachowski4269: you must be a scammer
capslockftw: DUDE
capslockftw: I D
capslockftw: DON'T
capslockftw: WANT
capslockftw: THE ID
capslockftw: i said
capslockftw: i log on MY OWN [censored] ACCOUNT
capslockftw: and you log on yours
awachowski4269: yes but you will exploit me to get it
capslockftw: wtf
capslockftw: lmfao
capslockftw: just gonna post this to markee and see what ppl says
awachowski4269: so just change your gw pass and let me check out your characters to see your not lying
awachowski4269: see
awachowski4269: give people my info to exploit me
awachowski4269: thanks SCAMMER
capslockftw: omg..

it felt like talking to a bot.