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Just plain evil

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I’ve been victimized by an individual that’s just plain evil never have I ever been treated or threatened in the way this individual has acted. He posted a boosting service for elune little did I know it’s a front for account kidnapping Hahahaha with random. I don’t mean any bad things for this individual I just want people to be aware and be careful. I wish him the best and for someone to stoop so low as this must mean he is in desperate need for money.


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@Gianreano Can you please post a picture of his Discord ID including the # numbers?

@Kuroro_sensei Anything to say?
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It’s ok I understand there’s people like him walking around that’s just plain evil he could have made more money just doing the service instead of holding someone account hostage for ransom. Ty for ur time and I just hope no other idiot (such as myself) gets screwed over. It’s fine he will get away with this scotch free but karma doesn’t hit u immediately. Like I said before his living condition must be so bad for him to stoop so LOW as do this a deed like this. I’m a very successful man with investments and assets. Karma will get him one way or the other. Again ty for ur time admins. I realize u have to be the moderator. Ty
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