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Just like several others, Scammed by ironmanz981


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ironmanz981 (7:05:30 PM): sup still looking for a nite elf female warrior?
ironmanz981 (7:06:05 PM): =o?
Darkrain502 (7:06:23 PM): You just caught me before I was about to make a trade, but I'll listen
ironmanz981 returned at 7:06:24 PM.
ironmanz981 (7:06:30 PM): lol k
ironmanz981 (7:06:34 PM): doesn;t matter what server
ironmanz981 (7:06:36 PM): rite?
Darkrain502 (7:06:40 PM): of course
ironmanz981 (7:06:49 PM): let me get her profile
Darkrain502 (7:06:51 PM): I'll be transferring it eventually when they come out
ironmanz981 (7:07:29 PM): http://ctprofiles.net/203552
ironmanz981 (7:07:36 PM): mostluy i am looking to sell it around 100
ironmanz981 (7:08:47 PM): tell me if u intresterd
ironmanz981 (7:09:00 PM): wel lu gonne say too good to be true
ironmanz981 (7:09:02 PM): buyt..
ironmanz981 (7:09:12 PM): i go to college and No time for playing, and i am in need of money for books
ironmanz981 (7:09:14 PM): so..
Darkrain502 (7:09:22 PM): and I thought i was getting a good deal for 140 for a 7/8 tier 1 war
ironmanz981 (7:09:33 PM): nah all i am asking is 100 so i can get my 2 books
[censored] to me anymore
ironmanz981 (7:09:44 PM): college taking my whole time
Darkrain502 (7:09:50 PM): I understand
Darkrain502 (7:10:29 PM): Well heres what I just did, I just sold one of my accounts for 114 dollars about 15 minutes ago, as soon as that money gets to me I can buy your account
ironmanz981 (7:10:43 PM): isn;t it with paypal?
Darkrain502 (7:10:46 PM): yes
ironmanz981 (7:10:56 PM): k 114 sounds good, btw just to let u know i am original owner
ironmanz981 (7:11:02 PM): have SQ/SA and everything
Darkrain502 (7:11:05 PM): very nice
Darkrain502 (7:11:20 PM): However, I generally don't ask for those just in case a deal goes sour
ironmanz981 (7:11:26 PM): just let me know when u rdy, i am in no rushi will keep the acc for u.
ironmanz981 (7:11:32 PM): nah i am fair.
ironmanz981 (7:11:38 PM): so i give it out. i mean i am not gonne play it anymore.
Darkrain502 (7:11:51 PM): does the warrior have a 2h or is it all tanking?
ironmanz981 (7:12:02 PM): he does have a 2 handed alternative
ironmanz981 (7:12:11 PM): let me see if i can remember
ironmanz981 (7:12:13 PM): been a month sicne i quit
ironmanz981 (7:12:31 PM): for 2 handed
ironmanz981 (7:12:34 PM): i use halberd of smiting
Darkrain502 (7:12:42 PM): very nice
ironmanz981 (7:12:44 PM): polearm
ironmanz981 (7:12:54 PM): i am on a tank build rite now.
ironmanz981 (7:12:58 PM): casue before i quit , i did MC
Darkrain502 (7:13:03 PM): What is it 62 dps 3.5 speed 600 something proc?
Darkrain502 (7:13:12 PM): heh from the looks of it you did BWL
ironmanz981 (7:13:23 PM): ya exactly
ironmanz981 (7:13:33 PM): ya i did mc and bwl
ironmanz981 (7:13:35 PM): but then
ironmanz981 (7:13:36 PM): college started
ironmanz981 (7:13:38 PM): and no time..
ironmanz981 (7:13:51 PM): i rarely use the halberd tho
Darkrain502 (7:13:58 PM): yeah I'm two years from college and wow will probably be over by then lol
ironmanz981 (7:14:05 PM): trust me
ironmanz981 (7:14:08 PM): games < college
ironmanz981 (7:14:12 PM): rite now
ironmanz981 (7:14:15 PM): i am in debt for books..
[censored] much
Darkrain502 (7:14:36 PM): totally, What college do you go to?
ironmanz981 (7:14:40 PM): CMU
Darkrain502 (7:15:06 PM): wish I knew where that was, I'm hoping to get into a school in Southern California hopefully Pomona college
ironmanz981 (7:15:11 PM): pittsburgh
ironmanz981 (7:15:13 PM): private college
ironmanz981 (7:15:14 PM): lol
Darkrain502 (7:15:14 PM): oh
ironmanz981 (7:15:22 PM): when will u be getting the $?
Darkrain502 (7:15:45 PM): well memighty1 says that they clear the account within 48 hours so probably within then
ironmanz981 (7:15:47 PM): did u sell it on ebay?
Darkrain502 (7:16:02 PM): no, private site
ironmanz981 (7:16:12 PM): 48 hours? o_O?
Darkrain502 (7:17:04 PM): well thats when they say that the account info will be changed etc so probably less since they have to wait to be able to drop a line at blizz
ironmanz981 (7:17:28 PM): i need to get the money fast for my books
ironmanz981 (7:17:38 PM): so.. i mean if i find some one thats gonne pay instant, i mite have to do it.
ironmanz981 (7:17:39 PM): x.x
Darkrain502 (7:17:59 PM): I know and understand unfortuneatly, they don;t
ironmanz981 (7:18:14 PM): dun have any $ in paypal?
Darkrain502 (7:18:23 PM): not 100
ironmanz981 (7:18:27 PM): how much?
Darkrain502 (7:18:31 PM): like 30 or so
ironmanz981 (7:18:34 PM): nvm
Darkrain502 (7:18:40 PM): thats what I thought
Darkrain502 (7:19:59 PM): Trust me that account is really worth what your asking for I really want to get the money to you
ironmanz981 (7:20:10 PM): well i know
ironmanz981 (7:20:18 PM): but i need to buy my books asap
Darkrain502 (7:20:22 PM): In fact I should be able to get it tonight
ironmanz981 (7:20:26 PM): 2nite?/
ironmanz981 (7:20:34 PM): its 10:20 eastern
ironmanz981 (7:20:37 PM): how many hours?
Darkrain502 (7:20:42 PM): 1 or 2
ironmanz981 (7:20:50 PM): k if its 1 or 2
Darkrain502 (7:20:52 PM): I'm in San Francisco btw
ironmanz981 (7:20:52 PM): its fine
ironmanz981 (7:21:01 PM): 1 or 2 hours is fine
Darkrain502 (7:21:23 PM): It depends on when my dad gets home I should be able to convince him and he'll send the money, Paypal right/
ironmanz981 (7:21:36 PM): ya
Darkrain502 (7:21:56 PM): kk well he should be back within the time I stated
ironmanz981 (7:22:01 PM): kk
Darkrain502 (7:29:38 PM): good news my dad is comming back so he should be back within 30 minutes
ironmanz981 (7:29:44 PM): k
ironmanz981 went idle at 7:45:18 PM.
ironmanz981 returned at 7:47:17 PM.
ironmanz981 (7:47:43 PM): let me know when
Darkrain502 (7:47:52 PM): I will
Darkrain502 (7:49:14 PM): k hes back
ironmanz981 (7:49:16 PM): k
Darkrain502 (7:49:23 PM): gotta convince him now
ironmanz981 (7:49:25 PM): k
Darkrain502 (7:53:19 PM): success!
ironmanz981 (7:53:24 PM): lol
Darkrain502 (7:53:31 PM): can I have your paypal e-mail?
ironmanz981 (7:53:36 PM): [email protected]
Darkrain502 (7:53:54 PM): ok the money will be sent soon
ironmanz981 (7:54:02 PM): k
ironmanz981 (7:54:17 PM): how long?
Darkrain502 (7:54:37 PM): <10 minutes
ironmanz981 (7:54:40 PM): o k
Darkrain502 (7:54:50 PM): well asumming paypal is instant
ironmanz981 (7:54:56 PM): ya instant
Darkrain502 (7:55:47 PM): 100 right?
ironmanz981 (7:55:53 PM): 114 =p
Darkrain502 (7:55:57 PM): that works too
ironmanz981 (7:56:00 PM): k lol
ironmanz981 (7:58:17 PM): lemme know when u send
Darkrain502 (8:02:25 PM): sent
ironmanz981 (8:02:53 PM): sent yet?
Darkrain502 (8:03:01 PM): just did
ironmanz981 (8:03:06 PM): k
Darkrain502 (8:03:10 PM): check for it
ironmanz981 (8:04:59 PM): k one sec
Darkrain502 (8:10:17 PM): hmm any luck?
ironmanz981 (8:12:46 PM): one sec
Darkrain502 (8:12:51 PM): kk
ironmanz981 (8:14:10 PM): kk
ironmanz981 (8:14:14 PM): i think i got it let me check
Darkrain502 (8:15:21 PM): nice
ironmanz981 (8:23:13 PM): k
ironmanz981 (8:23:14 PM): i got it
ironmanz981 (8:23:19 PM): what pass u want the acc to be on/.
Darkrain502 (8:25:06 PM): I'll just take whats already on it
ironmanz981 (8:25:10 PM): kk
ironmanz981 (8:25:11 PM): one sec
ironmanz981 (8:27:14 PM): let me
ironmanz981 (8:27:21 PM): chane the pass casue i use it for my bankin and stuff
ironmanz981 (8:27:22 PM): =p
Darkrain502 (8:27:25 PM): lol
Darkrain502 (8:27:27 PM): go ahead
Darkrain502 (8:28:21 PM): I've always wanted to play a well geared war lol my other didn't have it =P
ironmanz981 (8:28:25 PM): =]
ironmanz981 (8:34:17 PM): [censored] wow site
ironmanz981 (8:34:18 PM): slow
Darkrain502 (8:35:25 PM): >.<
Darkrain502 (8:35:27 PM): lol
ironmanz981 (8:36:38 PM): k alsmot about to change
Darkrain502 (8:40:53 PM): kk
Darkrain502 (8:51:33 PM): heh that WoW site is really slow
ironmanz981 went idle at 8:51:33 PM.
ironmanz981 returned at 8:56:47 PM.
ironmanz981 (8:57:10 PM): ya.. =/
ironmanz981 (8:57:16 PM): i am getting to it
Darkrain502 (8:57:36 PM): heh its ok I'm just watching a pvp vid
ironmanz981 (8:57:45 PM): dun worry i will let u know when i fix it
Darkrain502 (8:57:50 PM): kk
ironmanz981 (9:00:24 PM): brbi am get grab food
ironmanz981 went idle at 9:10:29 PM.
ironmanz981 returned at 9:13:23 PM.
ironmanz981 went idle at 9:15:42 PM.
ironmanz981 went away at 9:25:24 PM.
ironmanz981 returned at 9:25:27 PM.
ironmanz981 (9:25:33 PM): l
ironmanz981 (9:25:34 PM): k
Darkrain502 (9:25:51 PM): ?
Darkrain502 (9:26:44 PM): Any luck?
ironmanz981 (9:26:49 PM): ya worked
Darkrain502 (9:26:54 PM): nice
Darkrain502 (9:28:08 PM): k
Darkrain502 (9:29:32 PM): well whenever lol
ironmanz981 (9:29:36 PM): k
Darkrain502 (9:36:44 PM): Can I have the new info now I really wish to see the character
ironmanz981 (9:36:48 PM): ya
Darkrain502 (9:37:05 PM): well its been a bit lol
Darkrain502 (9:38:42 PM): well... no offense but I sent the money I'm sorry to be impatient
ironmanz981 (9:38:46 PM): np
Darkrain502 (9:39:29 PM): so
Darkrain502 (9:40:32 PM): You trying to get the new pass or do you have it? If so I'd like it
Darkrain502 (9:43:12 PM): ugh
Darkrain502 (9:48:41 PM): this is getting suspicious
Darkrain502 (9:50:49 PM): dude...
Darkrain502 (9:51:43 PM): you haven't responded to anything or given the informatio.
Darkrain502 (9:52:15 PM): I mean this is getting really annoying
Darkrain502 (9:52:46 PM): Do you really have this character or is this some big scam
Darkrain502 (9:53:31 PM): Cause if it is I'll get that money back
Darkrain502 (9:53:45 PM): you even there?
Darkrain502 (9:55:39 PM): dude...
Darkrain502 (9:59:27 PM): Can I please have the account information?
Darkrain502 (10:00:40 PM): you have your money I mean its not that hard
Darkrain502 (10:03:38 PM): well I guess I'll be calling pay pal tommorow
Darkrain502 (10:03:58 PM): Have fun with the 114 while it lasts
Darkrain502 (10:05:18 PM): Really hope you hope those "books" help
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ironmanz981 returned at 10:05:55 PM.
Darkrain502 (10:06:15 PM): hah so your back
Darkrain502 (10:06:27 PM): really had me going there
Darkrain502 (10:06:40 PM): so can I have the info
Darkrain502 (10:07:43 PM): I guess this is funny watching me cry like a 5 year old
ironmanz981 went idle at 10:39:56 PM.
ironmanz981 returned at 10:44:58 PM.
ironmanz981 went idle at 11:50:34 PM.
Darkrain502 (12:37:41 AM): so...
ironmanz981 went idle at 7:13:58 AM.
Darkrain502 (7:19:38 AM): heh theres a nice scammer thread on the MD forums too bad I missed it before this
ironmanz981 (8:09:08 AM): hey dude
ironmanz981 (8:09:14 AM): sry for scammin u..
ironmanz981 (8:09:14 AM): =/
ironmanz981 (8:09:20 AM): i feel bad
Darkrain502 (8:09:22 AM): lol?
Darkrain502 (8:09:49 AM): you did a good job
ironmanz981 (8:10:00 AM): k
ironmanz981 (8:10:02 AM): whats ur email
ironmanz981 (8:10:04 AM): so i can refund
Darkrain502 (8:10:30 AM): just check your e-mail there should be a paypal dispute there
ironmanz981 (8:10:50 AM): one sec
Darkrain502 (8:11:10 AM): if there wasn't 114 dollars on the line I would be amused if not impressed
ironmanz981 (8:11:40 AM): its telling me the funds are frozen , and i can't use it.
Darkrain502 (8:12:55 AM): don't worry if you can't send it I'm sure paypal can, they'll be seeing this conversation anyways
ironmanz981 (8:13:23 AM): what convo?
Darkrain502 (8:13:41 AM): just scroll up, they'll be seeing all of it
Darkrain502 (8:14:32 AM): as well as the two other threads with you noted as a scammer
ironmanz981 (8:14:44 AM): well i am gonne try to see if i can refund
ironmanz981 (8:15:43 AM): did u fill a claim/?
Darkrain502 (8:15:54 AM): you should know that
ironmanz981 (8:16:10 AM): nvm u did, k
ironmanz981 (8:16:21 AM): the reason why i can't refund u its becasue the funds are frozen..
ironmanz981 (8:20:40 AM): u there?
Darkrain502 (8:20:58 AM): of course
ironmanz981 (8:21:06 AM): u know i am jus tryin to refund..
Darkrain502 (8:22:41 AM): and I also know what happened here http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/112862/an/0/page/0#112862
Darkrain502 (8:23:03 AM): and here http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/112980/an/0/page/0#112980
Darkrain502 (8:24:00 AM): That dispute is staying up until I get that money back sorry
ironmanz981 (8:24:06 AM): k..
Darkrain502 (8:24:14 AM): or an account either way works
Darkrain502 (8:27:16 AM): "I filed a claim with paypal because I was worried he had just scammed me and took off. He came back on AIM saying that it turned out his brother had deleted the paladin off the account I did have but he would petition a GM and get her activated again. He said he would refund my money until he got everything sorted out. The only problem was since I have filed a claim, the money in his paypal account was frozen. Being naive, I cancelled the claim and waited for him to refund the money"
ironmanz981 (8:27:17 AM): ?
Darkrain502 (8:27:33 AM): thats from one of your scammer threads
Darkrain502 (8:28:12 AM): and I'm sure that you know what happens after you close a dispute
ironmanz981 (8:28:45 AM): wat
ironmanz981 (8:28:45 AM): ?
Darkrain502 (8:28:55 AM): The money stays with you
ironmanz981 (8:28:56 AM): t
ironmanz981 (8:29:07 AM): huh
Darkrain502 (8:29:19 AM): that dispute is staying up for that reason
Darkrain502 (8:30:32 AM): here I'll paste in the rest of it: I went back to paypal and attempted to file a claim again on the money. Unfortunately, paypal does not allow you to file a second claim on an item after it has been closed. I phoned paypal to have an employee say there was nothing they could do. My husband took over for me at this point and talked to a supervisor who very kindly opened the claim back up for me. I saved my AIM logs and sent them into paypal as well.
The name once again just so everyone knows who he is although I'm sure he'll just open up another paypal account.
AIM: ironmanz981
Paypal: kasra owji ([email protected])

ironmanz981 (8:31:03 AM): i actually refunded her, casue i had what she wanted but she said she doesn't want it.
Darkrain502 (8:31:28 AM): but why do it in the first place if your just gonna refund it
ironmanz981 (8:31:52 AM): with her i had what she wanted
ironmanz981 (8:31:56 AM): but she didn't like it
Darkrain502 (8:32:27 AM): and petition the GM. I got bored of waiting for him to do it so I petitioned myself, and after about 2 more hours of waiting spoke with a GM. Apparently the character "Agrona" had never existed on that account on any server.
That explain anything/
ironmanz981 (8:32:49 AM): it waas a diff acc, i found it but byt then i refunded her
Darkrain502 (8:33:19 AM): so your saying that you still have that character/
ironmanz981 (8:33:23 AM): ya
Darkrain502 (8:33:31 AM): lol show it to me
ironmanz981 (8:33:35 AM): no time
Darkrain502 (8:33:44 AM): put time

ironmanz981 (8:33:52 AM): no CC
Darkrain502 (8:34:02 AM): too bad then
Darkrain502 (8:34:14 AM): give me the account info and I'll see for myself
ironmanz981 (8:34:30 AM): ah and i don't think that wud be such a good idea
Darkrain502 (8:34:53 AM): why you might end up with your 114 what do you have to loose
ironmanz981 (8:35:09 AM): ?
ironmanz981 (8:35:10 AM): i ***
Darkrain502 (8:35:37 AM): hah well that money will be returned to its owner soon
ironmanz981 (8:35:45 AM): k, either way
ironmanz981 (8:35:48 AM): i was gonne refund but k
Darkrain502 (8:35:56 AM): later
ironmanz981 (8:35:59 AM): peace
ironmanz981 went away at 9:59:02 AM.
ironmanz981 returned at 9:59:06 AM.
ironmanz981 went idle at 10:17:34 AM.
ironmanz981 returned at 10:21:08 AM.
ironmanz981 went away at 10:23:14 AM.
ironmanz981 returned at 10:23:15 AM.
ironmanz981 went idle at 10:41:25 AM.
ironmanz981 returned at 10:46:43 AM.
ironmanz981 went idle at 11:26:45 AM.
ironmanz981 returned at 11:35:15 AM.
ironmanz981 went idle at 12:41:48 PM.
ironmanz981 (4:56:18 PM): sup
Darkrain502 (4:56:44 PM): nothing
ironmanz981 (4:57:17 PM): chillin?\
Darkrain502 (4:57:30 PM): waiting for paypal
ironmanz981 (4:57:44 PM): won't be in 9-10 days
ironmanz981 (4:57:48 PM): if ur waiting\
ironmanz981 (4:57:49 PM): lol
Darkrain502 (4:58:08 PM): I don't really care
ironmanz981 (4:58:15 PM): k\
ironmanz981 (4:58:22 PM): was jus tring to do a favor asnd refund\
Darkrain502 (4:58:59 PM): or you were trying to get me to drop my dispute so I couldn't try to get my money back, hard to tell which
ironmanz981 (4:59:20 PM): ?
ironmanz981 (4:59:29 PM): u can fill it again for ur info..'\\
Darkrain502 (4:59:38 PM): its a lot of trouble
ironmanz981 (4:59:45 PM): no its not lol
ironmanz981 (4:59:50 PM): all u do call paypal\
ironmanz981 (4:59:51 PM): simple
ironmanz981 (5:00:10 PM): anywasy its ur choice. it really dun make a difference to u\\
ironmanz981 (5:00:23 PM): u won't win the claim since its intagible so i will refund u when its over.\
Darkrain502 (5:00:59 PM): all I have to do is show paypal your confession and the two threads calling you a scammer and I'll win
ironmanz981 (5:01:12 PM): paypal doesn't accept those thins lol\
ironmanz981 (5:01:18 PM): they can be made up
ironmanz981 (5:01:22 PM): can't prove anything
ironmanz981 (5:01:25 PM): trust me
ironmanz981 (5:01:28 PM): if u wanne go ahead and do it
ironmanz981 (5:01:45 PM): do it but k , i mean it really doesn't make a differenceto me , either way i will refund u the $\
Darkrain502 (5:02:04 PM): oh don't worry they'll be reading everything that you say
ironmanz981 (5:02:12 PM): i am sure they wud\
ironmanz981 (5:02:13 PM): lol
ironmanz981 (5:02:20 PM): how much u wanne bet that u will lose?\
ironmanz981 (5:02:27 PM): if u lose i won't refund u k?
ironmanz981 (5:02:29 PM): wanne bet?\
Darkrain502 (5:02:57 PM): one sec
ironmanz981 (5:02:59 PM): you can take a pic of everthing, theres no way to prove they are legit, casue they can be dited
ironmanz981 (5:03:21 PM): so u can try giving pp everyting they still won't accept anything, this isn't a scammer thread in markee to ask for logs lol..\
ironmanz981 (5:03:24 PM): so wanne bet?
ironmanz981 (5:03:28 PM): if u lose i won't refund.
ironmanz981 (5:04:00 PM): which 100% u will
Darkrain502 (5:04:09 PM): trying to find something
ironmanz981 (5:04:21 PM): if u read paypals policy it stated, they do not suppor virtual items
ironmanz981 (5:04:25 PM): so wanne bet or nit?
ironmanz981 (5:04:32 PM): not*?
ironmanz981 (5:07:37 PM): so wanne bet or not/?\
ironmanz981 (5:17:35 PM): so dun wanne bet/

ironmanz981 (5:17:45 PM): k then just wait 10 days\

Well there you have it. I got suckered in and now have to rely on paypal to get a refund.


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Here's what you and many others scammed by this punk need to do. You need to file a complaint with http://www.ic3.gov/. You all already have some information on him: kasra owji ([email protected])

This kid deservers to get put behind bars and get his little [censored] so he understands that scamming people out of money is a low down dirty thing to do. I'm pretty confident they'll do something to this little punk since so many of you have been scammed by him. [censored], all of you should call Paypal and report this punk so they're aware that he's a scammer, and maybe they can help out the authorities and get him put behind bars.

Just my 2 cents.


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I would like you to know I did not get scammed by this guy I know alittle more then he does about account trading / selling.

[censored] scammer
ironmanz981: hagha
ironmanz981: ya
ironmanz981: i know
ironmanz981: funny
ironmanz981: i was middle of a game
ironmanz981: anyways
karmaa05: :p
[censored] wont work on me :p
ironmanz981: maybe not u
ironmanz981: theres
ironmanz981: tonsssssssss more
ironmanz981: rofl
karmaa05: how old are you ?
ironmanz981: u dun need to know
karmaa05: just wondering u realize someone could basicaly take you to court and u would get put in jail
ironmanz981: no they can't
ironmanz981: they got no proof
[censored] over 1 wrong person with some money
karmaa05: and behind bars ud go man
ironmanz981: they can't prove.
ironmanz981: since paypal is a private company, government has no control over it either.
ironmanz981: since paypal doesn't accpet liabiliry for virtual items, they can't do anything about it either.
karmaa05: not to mention btw just u using that screen name is proof enuff ip connection to your house even if they linked it to a place nearby you with your name
ironmanz981: well
ironmanz981: screen name
ironmanz981: logs
karmaa05: but it does
ironmanz981: no it doesn't
ironmanz981: u dun know enuf about law then.
karmaa05: hate to tell you but my gf is studying to be a lawyer
ironmanz981: thats nice
ironmanz981: she can prove it to me.
ironmanz981: logs can be edited.
karmaa05: and rofl you basically criminilized your self
ironmanz981: so they dun help =]
karmaa05: like many times
ironmanz981: tell me how u gonne prove it?
karmaa05: like right now im running fraps recording your conversation with me as you type it
ironmanz981: ah
ironmanz981: still can't prove it.
ironmanz981: and
ironmanz981: buddy
karmaa05: guess what not edited
karmaa05: rofl
ironmanz981: frpas doesn't run in windows
ironmanz981: rofl
ironmanz981: please..
karmaa05: yes it does
ironmanz981: i am not dumb
karmaa05: shows how much u know
ironmanz981: yes go ahead and prove it
ironmanz981: anyways
ironmanz981: i ***
ironmanz981: ttyl

Anyhow I just would like to add there are certain things to ask a seller.
1. original owner?
2. secret question and cd key come with account?
3. real name of you contact number and adress
4. save an email of the transaction and make sure u have a hard document of the sale.
5. let the seller know you will be contacting blizzard to verify the cd key / secret question.

Anyhow I hope that helps some of you guys out there not get scammed by retards like this guy. If they refuse any of those rules never buy the account because 9 times out of 10 its a scammer.


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yep, ive been scamed by him also. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif