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JUST GOT SCAMMED PAYPAL EMAIL [email protected] do not pay this guy!


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This guy just scammed me his email paypal email is

[email protected]

watch out for this guy very slick very and if a few of you could email him and call him a scammer that would work.lol

im doing chargeback and trying to do everything so he wont get away with it.


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KrzyMc001: hi there
KrzyMc001: i have a horde hunter
KrzyMc001: is epiced
KrzyMc001: let me show u profile
KrzyMc001: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?828164
KrzyMc001: 8/8 DS
KrzyMc001: lemme know if u intrested
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: is that all he has did you save tier 1
KrzyMc001: its all in bank
KrzyMc001: i have the boots in my bag currentl
KrzyMc001: and
KrzyMc001: couple ofem
KrzyMc001: rest is in bank
KrzyMc001: plus 900 gold
KrzyMc001: yup
KrzyMc001: yup
KrzyMc001: PVP
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: are u original owner
KrzyMc001: yup have SQ/SA
KrzyMc001: cdkey
KrzyMc001: and to prove i am legit
KrzyMc001: i can show my ebay rep, give name/address
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i wanna see in game but what numbers are going threw your head price wise
KrzyMc001: dun know i am a first time seller
KrzyMc001: gimme price range
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: let me show you a hunter im considering and compare his gear to yours
KrzyMc001: well i dun wanne trade cause, iam going to college
KrzyMc001: gimme his profile
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/137526/an/0/page/1#137526
KrzyMc001: i can around
KrzyMc001: 550 USD?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: hmmmm well let me se in game and then we discuss money further hows that sound
KrzyMc001: or wait
KrzyMc001: k
KrzyMc001: let me check if i still have time, hasvn't been on for a while a sec
KrzyMc001: hm, i dun have any time what do u decide we do
KrzyMc001: i can prove i am legit.
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: lol well i would need to see him thats like number 1 rule on buying accounts
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i am serious and if we deal you will have your money asap
KrzyMc001: well i am a first time seller, i just found this site.
KrzyMc001: any other way? i mean i can show my ebay rep
KrzyMc001: give name
KrzyMc001: addrfess
KrzyMc001: everything
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: any chance of you buying a card
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i could pay you half of it if i buy
KrzyMc001: no $, i am going to college tight budget
KrzyMc001: what do u mean
KrzyMc001: pay half of wat
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: well its 30 at the store for a card if i buy ill add 15 to our arranged price
KrzyMc001: dun even worry about the price
KrzyMc001: cause
KrzyMc001: if u buy it
KrzyMc001: the money i get won't make a diff
KrzyMc001: ..
KrzyMc001: j mean
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: this is a tuff one
KrzyMc001: u know what i mean
KrzyMc001: well
KrzyMc001: wanne see my ebay rep?
KrzyMc001: we can even do
KrzyMc001: half now, i guve acc/pass Sq/Sa, cd key
KrzyMc001: then other half
KrzyMc001: i mean i dun expect u
KrzyMc001: to pay all at once
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: how long you been away fro the game
KrzyMc001: couple months we can say
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: can i call you up
KrzyMc001: i stoppled playin sicne feb or so
KrzyMc001: call my house?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: yeah we can talk better
KrzyMc001: its not my house, parents so i gotte askem if they okay with it
KrzyMc001: a sec
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: its ok i wont stalk you its just hard to pay so much money for something you know
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: theres alot of scammers
KrzyMc001: well i am not expecting to pay all half at once
KrzyMc001: i can even show my ebay rep as i said
KrzyMc001: that proves i am legit
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: are you paapal verified
KrzyMc001: where i live, we dun have the option of being verfied, but i got CC and bank acc added, if u want i can take a pic of those, or we
KrzyMc001: w/e
KrzyMc001: like its not possible
KrzyMc001: to be verfied
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: how many positives on ebay
KrzyMc001: 23, 100% rep, i can show u
KrzyMc001: rite now
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: will your paypal email match your wow account email
KrzyMc001: i am not much of a real time buyer/seller
KrzyMc001: ya i use one email for everytthing
KrzyMc001: [email protected]
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: well i hope you undersatnd its not an easy deal since theres so many scammers
KrzyMc001: i agree with u
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: lets talk about the chracter
KrzyMc001: not that i don't
KrzyMc001: yup, obviously started with t1 then t2
KrzyMc001: lol
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: yeah but some dench it
KrzyMc001: i have 2 in bag rite now
KrzyMc001: if u look
KrzyMc001: rest is in bank
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: full t1 full t2
KrzyMc001: yes
KrzyMc001: epic mount
KrzyMc001: 957 gold
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: whats his rep with towns
KrzyMc001: dark spear and orig
KrzyMc001: is exalted
KrzyMc001: frostwolf
KrzyMc001: is exalted
KrzyMc001: warsung outsiders is friendly
KrzyMc001: thunder city and underbluff is revered
KrzyMc001: heh
KrzyMc001: or u want
KrzyMc001: name them
KrzyMc001: i;kl tell u
KrzyMc001: casue theres a lot
KrzyMc001: i am with
KrzyMc001: eng and skin 300/300
KrzyMc001: cooking
KrzyMc001: first aid
KrzyMc001: fishing
KrzyMc001: 300/300
KrzyMc001: i have raptor and wolf riding mastered
KrzyMc001: meaning
KrzyMc001: u know what it means
KrzyMc001: heh
KrzyMc001: anything else u need
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i take it his pvp rank is garbage since you been away for so long
KrzyMc001: well
KrzyMc001: tru tat
KrzyMc001: but with my hunter
KrzyMc001: u go in AV
KrzyMc001: or warsung
KrzyMc001: in a week
KrzyMc001: ur back in business
KrzyMc001: when i left i was a legion
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: is the rhok his only range weapon
KrzyMc001: nope
KrzyMc001: got a striker's mask too
KrzyMc001: and a typhoon as 2 handed sword
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: what about melee is the zin'rokh the only one he has
KrzyMc001: i usem for different purpose depending who i am dueling or what instance i am doing
KrzyMc001: i have a tyhpoon
KrzyMc001: 2 handed
KrzyMc001: and
KrzyMc001: i use
KrzyMc001: 2 zulian weps
KrzyMc001: too
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: did you ever make it to aq 40
KrzyMc001: i dun think casue i stopped at feb
KrzyMc001: thats a couple of months
KrzyMc001: heh
KrzyMc001: i still got my 957 gold
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: hes nice so whats the best deal you can give me
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i dont care about the gold
KrzyMc001: i mean i just threw a price out, casue i am notfamiliar
KrzyMc001: be honest
KrzyMc001: and gimem a good price
KrzyMc001: =p
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: well i showed you a tauren with aq gear full ds the best crossbow in the game nice daggers i mean hes nicer then your your is very nice but his is nice the only reason i cant get his is hes not tranfereable
KrzyMc001: hehe
KrzyMc001: well
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: how old are you ?
KrzyMc001: whgast ur price range?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: just too make sure this is legal
KrzyMc001: 19, 2nd semster in college
KrzyMc001: i came from austrlia
KrzyMc001: to us
KrzyMc001: in piuttsburgh
KrzyMc001: CMU college
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: is he in a US server
KrzyMc001: ya
KrzyMc001: i go college here
KrzyMc001: its nice here
KrzyMc001: =p
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: you would have to cal blzzard for me to change email and phone number are you ok with that
KrzyMc001: i wud, u can do that ur self too
KrzyMc001: but
KrzyMc001: i got no problem
KrzyMc001: with tat
KrzyMc001: i'll do the info changing while ur sending money, good time too wow is open
KrzyMc001: u wanne do it ur self
KrzyMc001: or u rather hve me do it
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: ahh well i could call but like i dont sound like im from australlia is that were you said your from
KrzyMc001: um
KrzyMc001: i changed it
KrzyMc001: to us
KrzyMc001: when i came here
KrzyMc001: nope, never had time to spend on alts
KrzyMc001: had to get this baby pimped up
KrzyMc001: really gonne miss wow, but college won;'t let me play games
KrzyMc001: i remember the days me and my guild did raids and instances used to be hella fun heh
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: man rading gets old and boreing thats why im bying one now
KrzyMc001: good memories ;-)
KrzyMc001: haha
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i got a warlock for sale full t1 4/8 tier 2 i cant even sell him for 350
KrzyMc001: hehe
KrzyMc001: so
KrzyMc001: gimme a price range
KrzyMc001: on mah hunter
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: well im really thinkin to stay at 500 but i need game card and transfer thats 55 bucks 450 do anything to your ears?
KrzyMc001: u wanne do 500?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: 485 you pay half of game card at least?
KrzyMc001: aite hehe
KrzyMc001: reasonable..
KrzyMc001: if i had a gamecard i wud throw it in for free
KrzyMc001: i mean
KrzyMc001: 500 > 30
KrzyMc001: no where near
KrzyMc001: hehe
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: any way you could do a private auction at least for like 100 bucks so i could win it for my records?
KrzyMc001: i only bought stuff on ebay, so i dun have a sellers acc
KrzyMc001: i can show u my rep i only bought stuff
KrzyMc001: but buy/sell, both prove ur legit
KrzyMc001: to auction it
KrzyMc001: plus it did justc ost me fees
KrzyMc001: cost*
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: ok lets do this ill pay you 300 paypal right now you give me all info im gonna run to store and get a card once i enter everything and i match names and so on ill send you 185
KrzyMc001: u sending me 300 rite now?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: im 100% legit dude i expect you to be too
KrzyMc001: same
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: well i want to deal asap thats for sure
KrzyMc001: kk
KrzyMc001: same here
KrzyMc001: ur sending 300 usd first am i rite?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: yeah 300 you send me all info via aim
KrzyMc001: yup
KrzyMc001: and
KrzyMc001: lemme
KrzyMc001: call wow
KrzyMc001: what u want phone and email as
KrzyMc001: and my paypal email is [email protected], send it while i am changing info
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: give me about 1 hour or 2 ill go to store for card once i get back ill check account make sure its all legit then send you the rest get it?
KrzyMc001: aite
KrzyMc001: so u send
KrzyMc001: me 300 rite now
KrzyMc001: u go to store
KrzyMc001: come back
KrzyMc001: check
KrzyMc001: then send 185
KrzyMc001: rite?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: yeah and if i need you to call blizz or your asistance in the future you are willing to help right
KrzyMc001: ya why not
KrzyMc001: tell me what do u want phone and email on the acc
KrzyMc001: so i can change while ur sneding me 300$
KrzyMc001: if it ever gets comprised, lets say ur trading and something happens i will send in photo id
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: ok i will keep log of our chat and pay pal recipts and if i ever see or notice your a scammer i will do a cash back BUT were both adults and legit so this should not happen right?
KrzyMc001: dun worry, i dun mind at all
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: emnew email will be
KrzyMc001: hurry i am on hold
KrzyMc001: heh
KrzyMc001: phone #?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: new phone number will be
KrzyMc001: k
KrzyMc001: paypal email : [email protected]
KrzyMc001: i am on phone
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: ok ill ok im going to paypal
KrzyMc001: k i am on phone with agent
KrzyMc001: so
KrzyMc001: lemme when u send in here
KrzyMc001: so i can give u info when its rdy asap
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: give me your paypal again
KrzyMc001: [email protected]
KrzyMc001: almost done
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: im a lil nervous right now your sounding like a scam
KrzyMc001: o_O
KrzyMc001: k i am done
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: because why would you decide to call blizz so fast
KrzyMc001: i changed the infos
KrzyMc001: because
KrzyMc001: ur sending the $
KrzyMc001: ..
KrzyMc001: o_O
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: could youlet me log on the account page just to see?
KrzyMc001: doesn;'t take that long
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i got all the info in just need to click send payment
KrzyMc001: why wud u think i am scamming
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i dont know man its tuff
KrzyMc001: our deal was i get 300, i give u info, u get GC and check and gimme rest
KrzyMc001: i mean
KrzyMc001: its not even full payment
KrzyMc001: so
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i have gotten scammed for 200 before
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: and its hard to trust
KrzyMc001: get it back
KrzyMc001: ..
KrzyMc001: file claim
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: it takes months unless i go direct with credit card but then paypal gets mad
KrzyMc001: and why the [censored] wud u care
KrzyMc001: wud u
KrzyMc001: get ur money back
KrzyMc001: or make paypal like u
KrzyMc001: lol
KrzyMc001: ..
KrzyMc001: $ or paypal?
KrzyMc001: [MESSAGE]gt; paypal
KrzyMc001: lol
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: alright here it goes
KrzyMc001: i wud defenitley dispute with CC
KrzyMc001: if i were u
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i tried i could get it back but then paypal wont work they will close my account and for 200 noth worth it for 300 yes
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: ok log on to your paypal
KrzyMc001: k lemme check email
KrzyMc001: so
KrzyMc001: they gonne
KrzyMc001: close ur acc
KrzyMc001: for disputing with CC?
KrzyMc001: did u send to [email protected], i dun see anything yet
KrzyMc001: my name was malik allen rite?
KrzyMc001: there we go
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: alright check paypal
KrzyMc001: ya i see it k
KrzyMc001: what apssword
KrzyMc001: do u want for ur paypal
KrzyMc001: i mean
KrzyMc001: wow
KrzyMc001: casue m ypassword is universal
KrzyMc001: i dun want to give the current pass
KrzyMc001: becasue its a universal pas i use
KrzyMc001: i use for everything
KrzyMc001: so gimme a password to change it to
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: well you got to give me something
KrzyMc001: anything?
KrzyMc001: foine
KrzyMc001: test12345
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: ok use ballin7878
KrzyMc001: one sec lemme change
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: has the account ever been suspended or any trouble at all
KrzyMc001: never
KrzyMc001: lemme change pass
KrzyMc001: k
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: give me the info
KrzyMc001: bigpeter
KrzyMc001: is acc
KrzyMc001: and pass what u asked
KrzyMc001: lemme get my note
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: its not bigpeter
KrzyMc001: one sec
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: your scareing me
KrzyMc001: y=just wait maybe i made mistake
KrzyMc001: no need to panic
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: ???? whats the info
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: come on man that cant take that long
KrzyMc001 signed off at 7:17:26 PM.
KrzyMc001 signed on at 7:17:44 PM.
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: dude whats going on
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: hey man whats up dude
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: im gonna call up paypal right now you see what i mean by scam
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: dude im not gonna let this slide whats the deal im calling my credit card and bank right now
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: bank doing stop transfer on funds
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: on phone right now
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i cant belive this [censored]
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: luckly i used my bank account and its getting stopped instantly
KrzyMc001: hey u there my internet just [censored] up
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: na man dont mess around dude im on the phone with the bank
KrzyMc001: wat do u mean
KrzyMc001: seriously my internet died
KrzyMc001: k fine w/e
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: alright give me the info and lets check if your legit
KrzyMc001: kk
KrzyMc001: i am gonne put pass
KrzyMc001: as test12345
KrzyMc001: k?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: alright dont play games dude please
KrzyMc001: i am not >.>
KrzyMc001: u seriously
KrzyMc001: thut i scamme du?
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: [censored] yeah
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: i was on hold with my bank
KrzyMc001: ey dun cancel it the transfer
KrzyMc001: lol
KrzyMc001: kk
KrzyMc001: np
KrzyMc001: lemem go change it
KrzyMc001: gimme 1 min to change it
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: alright man dude i dont wanna get scammed i will move moutains if you try to scam me
KrzyMc001: moutains?
KrzyMc001: whats that
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: mountains sorry
KrzyMc001: kk
KrzyMc001: dun understand what that means
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: when you do almost the impossible not to let somthing happen
KrzyMc001: o
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: you do sound like a scam really i just wanna see if your real
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: you almost done
KrzyMc001: ya
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: really dude i feel very uncomftrable right now
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: im sorry if you are the real deal
KrzyMc001: >.>
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: but you just seem like a scam right bout now
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: if you are a scam dude just refund the money go scam someone else please i will charge back the money by tonight instantly if you are scamming me
KrzyMc001: k..
KrzyMc001: jus wait
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: got to your payal account clcik on this transaction and click on refund its usually at the bottom
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: unless your real deal
KrzyMc001: lemme check
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: this shouldnt take that long dude bottom line get this corrected send a refund or give me account info within the next 2 minutes i already have your ip i will call local police and i will call my bank you wont keep the money and you will probabaly get in trouble you dont want that
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: as much as i wanted to think you were honest i know it does not take this long
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: alright i got ip im calling police this is fraud dude i got all the chat log
GLOBSOFECTOPLASM: well its done everything its on its way police know bank knows thanks for wasteing my time

well i got screwed i will get the amoney back it wil probabaly never leave the bank but yup he got me.


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Someone was talking to me about him, asking if that moving from australia and where he is he cant get verified stuff was legit. I told him to steer clear as its too suspicious - Guess I was right /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Yeah, He offered a guy I was talking to that hunter for $100. Then I talked to him and he bumped it to $250. Was strange..