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Just goes to show...


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Can't trust anyone. Now I'm not saying he's a scammer, but anyone on this server will do anything in order to obtain an account. Even if it means stealing.

[20:32] Paperbowser1337: hello, im interested in your warrior
[20:32] I Found Mayo: cool
[20:32] Paperbowser1337: do you remember my 60 troll hunter?
[20:33] I Found Mayo: nope
[20:33] Paperbowser1337: blue gear - 1 epic, 2 greens
[20:33] Paperbowser1337: 295 ench / 295 tailor
[20:33] Paperbowser1337: KAlecgos (PVP low pop)
[20:33] I Found Mayo: don't think i ever saw it
[20:33] Paperbowser1337: ahh, ok
[20:33] Paperbowser1337: are you interested?
[20:34] I Found Mayo: ya
[20:34] Paperbowser1337: yes?
[20:35] I Found Mayo: yep
[20:35] Paperbowser1337: alright, your on a pvp server?
[20:35] I Found Mayo: nope
[20:35] Paperbowser1337: GREAT!!!!
[20:35] I Found Mayo: and the PvP sux on the server
[20:35] Paperbowser1337: wait is it pve?
[20:35] I Found Mayo: yeah
[20:35] Paperbowser1337: im interested in a pve server
[20:35] Paperbowser1337: alright
[20:35] I Found Mayo: it's PvE
[20:35] Paperbowser1337: would you like to meet my hunter, in game?
[20:36] I Found Mayo: can't atm
[20:36] Paperbowser1337: awww
[20:36] I Found Mayo: i know
[20:36] I Found Mayo: on my lock
[20:36] I Found Mayo: important business
[20:36] Paperbowser1337: -_-
[20:36] Paperbowser1337: how long will this "business" take?
[20:37] I Found Mayo: depends really
[20:37] I Found Mayo: 5-man LBRS for ony key
[20:37] Paperbowser1337: thats a *****
[20:37] Paperbowser1337: how far are you into it?
[20:37] I Found Mayo: almost at the first boss >_>
[20:38] Paperbowser1337: God damn
[20:38] Paperbowser1337: youve got like 4 hours left
[20:38] I Found Mayo: if u wanna see him
[20:38] I Found Mayo: user name = *********
[20:38] I Found Mayo: pass = ************
[20:38] I Found Mayo: server is dragonblight
[20:38] I Found Mayo: take a look
[20:38] Paperbowser1337: alright
[20:38] I Found Mayo: lol
[20:38] I Found Mayo: i know that was wierd
[20:38] I Found Mayo: but i trust you
[20:38] Paperbowser1337: i trust you
[20:38] Paperbowser1337: lol
[20:38] Paperbowser1337: copy cat =P
[20:39] I Found Mayo: lol
[20:40] Paperbowser1337: warriors are a ***** to lvl =\
[20:41] I Found Mayo: lol ya
[20:41] Paperbowser1337: how long did it take you?
[20:41] I Found Mayo: 18 days
[20:41] Paperbowser1337: damn...my hunter was just like, grind, grind, grind DING 60
[20:42] I Found Mayo: lol
[20:42] I Found Mayo: i know the feeling
[20:42] I Found Mayo: had a hunter before
[20:43] Paperbowser1337: does he have epic mount?
[20:43] I Found Mayo: ya
[20:44] Paperbowser1337: i can provide you with SQ/A you can do the same correct?
[20:44] I Found Mayo: yup
[20:45] Paperbowser1337: what rank?
[20:45] I Found Mayo: 5
[20:46] Paperbowser1337: any noticable blues?
[20:46] I Found Mayo: valor shoulders and gloves
[20:46] I Found Mayo: lionhearthelm
[20:46] I Found Mayo: idk u aren't logged on?
[20:47] Paperbowser1337: o no...i just went on the forum and saw the char
[20:47] I Found Mayo: lol
[20:47] Paperbowser1337: i got SPAMMED with ims
[20:47] Paperbowser1337: ive got like 6 windows atm lol
[20:47] I Found Mayo: ?
[20:47] Paperbowser1337: what weapons?
[20:47] Paperbowser1337: for my hunter
[20:47] I Found Mayo: dal rends
[20:47] I Found Mayo: IBS
[20:47] Paperbowser1337: ibs?
[20:47] I Found Mayo: drakk shield
[20:47] I Found Mayo: ice barbed spear
[20:55] Paperbowser1337: im interested, maybe we can trade later tonight kk?
[21:00] I Found Mayo: ya
[21:00] I Found Mayo: sorry
[21:00] I Found Mayo: lol
[21:00] Paperbowser1337: np
[21:00] I Found Mayo: go ahead and give him a try if ya want
[21:01] Paperbowser1337: alright, but if anyone asks... im "studying" lol
[21:01] I Found Mayo: forl
[21:01] I Found Mayo: rofl*
[21:04] Paperbowser1337: 680'th in que........
[21:04] Paperbowser1337: GG lol
[21:05] *** You have been disconnected. Sun Jan 22 21:05:02 2006.
[21:05] *** "Paperbowser1337" signed on at Sun Jan 22 21:05:16 2006.
[21:05] I Found Mayo: wow
[21:05] I Found Mayo: gg
[21:06] Paperbowser1337: ill just take your word for it for now, im going back to studying , pst when your done please
[21:06] I Found Mayo: k
[22:05] Paperbowser1337: almost done?

Low and behold of course, the password was changed when I got back. Being the original owner I only chuckled to myself, but that's the last time I trust someone with my account. =\