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juggalokam: [censored] extraordinaire


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(17:57:54) juggalokam: Hey
(17:58:04) justin for sale: hey
(17:58:11) juggalokam: selll your account yet?
(17:58:19) justin for sale: which one?
(17:58:25) juggalokam: what u got ?
(17:58:36) justin for sale: several, what are you looking for?
(17:58:37) justin for sale: priest/mage
(17:58:38) justin for sale: mage
(17:58:40) justin for sale: paladin/mage
(17:58:46) justin for sale: paladin
(17:58:52) justin for sale: druid/warlock
(17:59:00) juggalokam: Whats the best geared account ?
(17:59:09) justin for sale: paladin
(17:59:15) juggalokam: Yes then that
(17:59:20) juggalokam: Ok
(17:59:26) justin for sale: I still have it
(17:59:42) juggalokam: ok
(18:00:25) juggalokam: well i need to be able 2 go on the charotr Make sure he is real and u are not jsut showing your firend account or anything befor i give u money i work hard for if there is a prbolem let me now and see if we can work around it
(18:00:31) justin for sale: lol
(18:00:34) justin for sale: you can meet me ingame
(18:00:38) juggalokam: ok
(18:00:46) justin for sale: I let someone log on earlier
(18:00:51) justin for sale: they disenchated all the gear on my warlock
(18:00:56) juggalokam: dang..
(18:01:00) justin for sale: and now I have to work with the OO to get everything restored
(18:01:03) justin for sale: account is locked for now, blah
(18:01:37) justin for sale: anyway the paladin is on khadgar
(18:01:39) justin for sale: named cipher
(18:01:42) juggalokam: Well i can tell that will not happen with em but i am telling u now i am not paying until i know i have the account can even come 2 close 2 losing my money
(18:01:55) juggalokam: Just letting u know now
(18:02:06) justin for sale: do you mean
(18:02:17) justin for sale: you won't buy unless you can play it, or you won't buy until you meet him?
(18:03:26) juggalokam: would u give some one money over the net ? with making sureu gotit ?
(18:03:34) justin for sale: yes
(18:03:36) justin for sale: I have and I will
(18:03:41) justin for sale: that's how I got this account to begin with
(18:03:51) justin for sale: if paypal is verified you can get it back
(18:03:58) justin for sale: and if they have positive rep it's good
(18:04:13) justin for sale: look, if you are going to insist on playing it just leave me alone, you have NO chance of logging on before 600 is in my paypal.
(18:04:34) juggalokam: 600$ ?
(18:04:38) justin for sale: yeah
(18:05:17) juggalokam: HAHAH GO [censored] your self who would go and spend 600$ on a crappy account i can get grand marshle now a days nub GG [censored] frech [censored]


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is justin for sale you?

anywho 600 for the pala account is kinda steep.


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yeah, I use gaim and I can nickname myself... so that's what I use.

even if the price is steep, that's not a way to react, especially when all of my prices are listed on the threads and by finding my aim name you are admitting that you've read that and should already know.

I had a buyer who was going for 620 and then, when he was supposed to be paying, said "oh my paypal's not working"... blah.