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johnyboieu29 = AIM Aztects = Markee Scammer.


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Well, I completed a trade with the person that goes by johnyboieu29 on aim and aztects on markee. We recently made a trade, his hunter for my mage. When I asked he claimed that it was his brothers account, and that he would get me the SQA next time we talked. Well i'm usually not one to go for that, but I had taken 3 allergy pills and I really just wanted to lay down. So I made the trade and went to sleep. About two days without seeing him on, I get home from school to log on and find out that the hunter has been recalled. I wish I would have screen shotted the conversation, but I didn't because it was legit at the time. All I have is the little bit that contained the password and him saying he would get me the SQA:

uogamer2608 (10:09:14 PM): Just so you know i'll have it recalled if anything happens to the hunter
johnyboieu29 (10:09:22 PM): yeah same here
uogamer2608 (10:09:25 PM): alright
johnyboieu29 (10:09:34 PM): ok lets type in the name first
uogamer2608 (10:09:40 PM): alright
uogamer2608 (10:09:46 PM): do you want to go first?
johnyboieu29 (10:09:51 PM): surre
johnyboieu29 (10:10:08 PM): *******
johnyboieu29 (10:10:11 PM): now you
uogamer2608 (10:10:18 PM): ********
johnyboieu29 (10:10:23 PM): pw is *********
johnyboieu29 (10:10:25 PM): now you
uogamer2608 (10:10:37 PM): ********
johnyboieu29 (10:11:00 PM): Ok u login?
uogamer2608 (10:11:15 PM): yep
johnyboieu29 (10:11:23 PM): Cool ill get back to you asap on SQA ok?
uogamer2608 (10:11:29 PM): alright
johnyboieu29 (10:11:34 PM): Cool
uogamer2608 (10:11:39 PM): sounds good

Anything with ** in it means it was the UN or PW.

That's all I copied, wishing I would of been a little more cautious now. I'm trying to work with the OO to get it recalled. Just a warning, don't deal with the kid.