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JimmyJon0s = Scammer with down sindrome.

Jjivetalking - BANNED

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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JimmyJon0s: how is it an incorrect account name
HubberXoom: because it doesent work.......
JimmyJon0s: of course its not going to work with out a password, its what i use to login... i really dont care if u think im a scammer, but im not, and im happy to stay with my toons, just wanting a change
HubberXoom: well then go to www.worldofwarcraft.com go to retrieve pw and then type in ur account name LethalKiller05....
JimmyJon0s: sure
JimmyJon0s: Mother's maiden name?

JimmyJon0s: thats what i get
HubberXoom: well how come i dont get anything and it just sais incorrect account name?
JimmyJon0s: I dunno, it works on mine... look i dont think this is going to work, i new it was a bad idea getting into this trading scene
HubberXoom: dont u mean scamming scene?
JimmyJon0s: i have no idea what ur talking about, and btw, ur username doesnt work either.. so gg to u for being a noob... u where going to wait for me to give out my info then rip me
JimmyJon0s: so [censored] off back to ur hole
HubberXoom: lol my account name does work dumbass
JimmyJon0s: LOL.. hmm thats why it doesnt more
JimmyJon0s: work*
JimmyJon0s: gg scammed, nice try noob
JimmyJon0s signed off at 9:08:30 PM.

Sorry thats only 1/2 the chat i accidently left the convo.