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Jameswoods- Jwoods13 so inocent, yet a scammer.


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Trying to sell my account on here:http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/174378/an/0/page/0/gonew/1#UNREAD , and having to show him my varfied paypal account, he doesn't give me a reason to trust me. The account has over 200 positive feed backs used by my buisness and other. He wanted my account first up front because he doesn't know if the account is varafied or not, I even offered him a world pass to come check me out; however, he consideres he can't make a mule character on his account.

Here's his mail:<these are one by one>
<[email protected]>Im interested.<1>
<2>I currently do not have access to aim because im at work, only email. <3>We can trade however you would like, im verified paypal with over 100+ positive transactions. <4>I have been scammed before in the past as well, all my feedback says that i need to verify accounts first, i have 75+ positive transactions. <*psst* Notice how he changes his "positive feed back comments">
<5>Im at work right now, i will be home at 2:30pm cst and we can go ahead and trade then
<6>I am open to either one, i can buy or trade you.
<7>this account is a taru male, rank 10, on the pheonix server. He has completed sky, sea (tamas ring), and has all dynamis beat.

This character has amazing merits including: Level 8 MP, Level 5 INT, Level 8 Elemental Magic Skill, Level 4 Enmity Decrease, Spell Interruption, Level 5 Ice Magic Potency, Level 5 Lightning Potency.

Jobs include : 75BLM/37WAR/37WHM/37RDM/51NIN/49SMN

Gear Includes: Kirins Pole, Sorcerer's Petasos (AF2), Wizard Petasos +1, Enhancing Tourque, Abyssal Earring, Static Earring, Relaxing Earring, Moldavite Earring, Sorcerer's coat (AF2), Errant Hpl, Black Coterhardie, Zenith Mitts, Sorcerer's Gloves (AF2), Snow Ring, Tamas Ring, Blue Cape, Hierach Belt, Rairin Obi, Sorcerer's tonban (AF2), Druid's Slops, Rostrum Pumps, Sorcerer's Sabots, Phantom tathlum, Asklepios, Astral Aspis, Republic Circlet, Star Necklace, Hyorin Obi, Anrin Obi, Diablos Earring, Tavnazian Ring, Ether Ring, Beastman Seal x 239, Kindred Seals x146, Austere Robe, Austere Hat, Himmel Stock, Enhancing Earring, Aurora Mantle, Carbuncle Miits, Diablos Pole.
thats the account i have to trade, or i can pay you
Yes, I'm sorry but im unable to do that, i have been scammed out of money 3 times like this in the past, i buy accounts by verifying the account first, and you can see that i have done it in the past and have had no problems.
I wish you best of luck with selling/trading your account, if you happen to change your mind im still interested in paying 300.
Paypal does nothing, i have been ripped off for a total of 950 dollars, each time a dispute was filed and nothing was done about it. Like i said, i have bought/traded over 50 accounts for FFXI, WoW, EQ2, Runescape etc. and this is how i do it, you can check my feedback and verification on paypal to see that i pay immediatly. I just want an account for my kid's birthday.
Lol, are you joking me? Go ahead and report me for doing nothing buy trying to buy your account.
Good day Kid.
Ah, i see what's up now, you were the one trying to scam my money. Nice try.

So, I did not trust him and wanted to not trade him at all, but he consitly sent those angry replies because I no longer did not want to trade him.