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Its official guys trading gets you no where


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muzzin6996: [censored]?
XxWowtrader: What
muzzin6996: whyd you sign off
XxWowtrader: int shut off
muzzin6996: o
muzzin6996: what did you trade for that warlock
XxWowtrader: Wait who is htis
muzzin6996: you trialed my rogue
muzzin6996: for like 5 mins
muzzin6996: then signed off
XxWowtrader: Oh yea,sorry my int shut off
XxWowtrader: and i got a msg sayin the rogue would be recalled if he didnt get a hunter or something
muzzin6996: what?
muzzin6996: ?
XxWowtrader: thats what happened
muzzin6996: no
muzzin6996: it didnt
muzzin6996: because i never traded this rogue before
muzzin6996: what did you trade for the lock?
XxWowtrader: why?
muzzin6996: cause
XxWowtrader: well someone said if he didnt get "the" hunter back hed recall
muzzin6996: who
XxWowtrader: no idea
muzzin6996: thats a lie
muzzin6996: well
muzzin6996: it would be in your best interest to tell me what yout raded for that lock
XxWowtrader: How do you figure?
muzzin6996: lol
muzzin6996: trust me
muzzin6996: so
XxWowtrader: tell me why and then i'll tell you
muzzin6996: i got the sq.a
XxWowtrader: Well i traded a warrior
muzzin6996: k
muzzin6996: well listen
XxWowtrader: go on
muzzin6996: i got the warlock accnt
muzzin6996: back
muzzin6996: cause it got scammed off of me
muzzin6996: so trade me that warrior
XxWowtrader: Lol what are you saying?
muzzin6996: the warlock is now mine
muzzin6996: so..
XxWowtrader: are you kidding me?
muzzin6996: no
muzzin6996: you want me to show you ingame?
XxWowtrader: why the hell would you do that to me man?
muzzin6996: cause it got scammed off me
muzzin6996: by the guy im guessing you traded ur warrior too
XxWowtrader: Apparently so
muzzin6996: so
muzzin6996: if you want it
muzzin6996: do you?
XxWowtrader: I do
XxWowtrader: but
XxWowtrader: i dont have the sq.a to my warrior yet
muzzin6996: why not?
muzzin6996: what was its gear?
XxWowtrader: cause i bought it
XxWowtrader: and the guy hasnt come online since
XxWowtrader: 4/8 might quel serrar,drillboar disk. medallion of steadfast might more epics...av [censored]

He then signed off.. this just proves to me that people can be really hateful. So in the end those two people worked together. Muzzini apparently knew the guy. Had the sq/a to the warlock. And recalled. So now im down 75$,a warrior. And my friend practically hates me now. GG to me i guess :-/