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intenselyintent4 = AIM IS A SCAMMER!!!!!!


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intenselyintent4: do you still have any of those 60s for sale/trade?
oVa ViPe: Yup
oVa ViPe: What is ur offer?

intenselyintent4: hmm..well I have a really nice rogue
oVa ViPe: Hmmm
oVa ViPe: No money?
intenselyintent4: unfortunately not.. broke as hell, but I bet you could sell my rogue for a lot
intenselyintent4: want a ct profile?
oVa ViPe: Umm yes plz
intenselyintent4: http://ctprofiles.net/663649
oVa ViPe: bro
oVa ViPe: i highly doubt ur gunna trade me lol
oVa ViPe: I cant matc hthat
oVa ViPe: THe best thing i got is druid
oVa ViPe: with 6 t1
oVa ViPe: and 1 t2
oVa ViPe: and stuff bwl off epics
oVa ViPe: and crap like that
oVa ViPe: but i cant trade that
oVa ViPe: i could only trade the warrior / pally
oVa ViPe: becuz they on same account
oVa ViPe: and i got sqa to them
intenselyintent4: well dude you've got like 4 60s right?
oVa ViPe: ya
intenselyintent4: id be willing to trade for more than 1 of course
intenselyintent4: id prefer that
oVa ViPe: umm
oVa ViPe: i can trade the war
oVa ViPe: it has 60 war on it and 60 pally
oVa ViPe: would u fo that?

oVa ViPe: do?
oVa ViPe: I mean war isnt horrible
oVa ViPe: It is sick in pvp
oVa ViPe: and had quell serrar and drillbores disk
oVa ViPe: 2 might
intenselyintent4: nice
oVa ViPe: a few mc off epics
oVa ViPe: kight gear
oVa ViPe: If u wanna do that i can do that
oVa ViPe: ? if u wanna i wanna do it tonight
intenselyintent4: Id love to do it tonight, could you?
oVa ViPe: Yes
oVa ViPe: What we can do tho
oVa ViPe: is u keep ur sqa
oVa ViPe: and ill keep mine ok?
intenselyintent4: hmm ok
oVa ViPe: That way say u recall urs
oVa ViPe: i can recalll mine
oVa ViPe: and i recall mine u can recall urs
oVa ViPe: u follow me?
intenselyintent4: yes
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: So u wanna do now?
intenselyintent4: if you'd like
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: Info?
oVa ViPe: Ill give mine
oVa ViPe: 1 sec
intenselyintent4: the website is being gay ><
oVa ViPe: I kno
oVa ViPe: LOL

oVa ViPe: damnit!
oVa ViPe: i just tried to get on it lOL

intenselyintent4: we could just play eachothers chars or..?
intenselyintent4: /shrug
intenselyintent4: temp trade or something?
intenselyintent4: dont change password?
oVa ViPe: Ok
oVa ViPe: Will u let me log on first
oVa ViPe: just to make sure lol
intenselyintent4: i feel the same way man lol
oVa ViPe: Im really really scared cuz ive been scammed
oVa ViPe: I kno lol
intenselyintent4: think of it like this, you have 4 characters i have 1
oVa ViPe: I kno
intenselyintent4: and im not original owner i dont have SQA so if you jack me im screwed
oVa ViPe: But i only got sqa to this accounts lol
oVa ViPe: Aaaa
oVa ViPe: LOl
intenselyintent4: i have positive feedback on markee too man

oVa ViPe: LOl
intenselyintent4: /=
oVa ViPe: Damnit
oVa ViPe: sec
oVa ViPe: well i cant change pw lol
oVa ViPe: And neither can u haha
intenselyintent4: ?
oVa ViPe: Becuz i cant get on to website
oVa ViPe: lol
oVa ViPe: just like u cant
oVa ViPe: it wont let me on
intenselyintent4: i can go on
intenselyintent4: its working on and off for me
oVa ViPe: u can now?
intenselyintent4: yes
oVa ViPe: sec
oVa ViPe: im laggin
oVa ViPe: wat server and race?
intenselyintent4: hmm?
intenselyintent4: UD on smolderthorn, transfers up
intenselyintent4: for my rogue right?
oVa ViPe: Ya
oVa ViPe: Ok sick
oVa ViPe: i was lookin for horde
oVa ViPe: How long u had account?
intenselyintent4: UD is the coolest
oVa ViPe: ya
intenselyintent4: a while
intenselyintent4: like
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: Can i talk to u on vent?
intenselyintent4: a couple months
intenselyintent4: well before we continue talking anyways
oVa ViPe: wat?
intenselyintent4: theres like, no way Im giving you my info first man.. /=
oVa ViPe: lol
oVa ViPe: sec
intenselyintent4: theres no way, if i get scammed out of that, i have NOTHING
oVa ViPe: I understand
oVa ViPe: and im not a scammer so u dont have to worry
intenselyintent4: all scammers say that
intenselyintent4: dont bother
intenselyintent4: but you can recall, as you said
oVa ViPe: wat is ur talent spec?
intenselyintent4: 31/8/12
intenselyintent4: seal fate
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: umm
intenselyintent4: he destroys everyone i pvp
oVa ViPe: U in a naxx guild?

intenselyintent4: in*
intenselyintent4: i guess so hah we are doing naxx..
intenselyintent4: dont know what exactly constitutes a 'naxx' guild
intenselyintent4: we've downed c'thun
oVa ViPe: Ya but thats AQ 40
intenselyintent4: no [censored]
oVa ViPe: LoL
intenselyintent4: we do naxx, yes.
oVa ViPe: Have u guys done naxx tho
oVa ViPe: like wat boss?
intenselyintent4: thaddius
oVa ViPe: Well
oVa ViPe: I cant log on wow.com right now
oVa ViPe: crap
intenselyintent4: well could I login in-game just to see that the character is there..?
oVa ViPe: Lol
intenselyintent4: i couldnt change pass or anything
oVa ViPe: can i ?
oVa ViPe: Hahaa
intenselyintent4: then you could login mine
oVa ViPe: To urs
oVa ViPe: lOl
intenselyintent4: yes, that is fair..
intenselyintent4: but dude i told you, theres nothing i can do, theres a lot you can do.
oVa ViPe: Listen
intenselyintent4: if you let me login, the trust goes up a lot
oVa ViPe: I will let u log on right now
oVa ViPe: If u let me too
oVa ViPe: Right after
intenselyintent4: already im trusting you more
oVa ViPe: Ill give u 10 sec
intenselyintent4: yes
intenselyintent4: okay
oVa ViPe: to give me info
oVa ViPe: if u dont
oVa ViPe: I will log on
oVa ViPe: and keep logging on on my other comp
oVa ViPe: until the website goes up for me
intenselyintent4: i gotcha dude... i understand
intenselyintent4: what chars are you giving me info for though dude?
intenselyintent4: ill give you my info immediately
oVa ViPe: Warrior
oVa ViPe: and Pally
oVa ViPe: BEcuz they on same account
intenselyintent4: druid isnt?
oVa ViPe: No
oVa ViPe: LOL

intenselyintent4: was really attracted to the druid
intenselyintent4: ah oh well
oVa ViPe: Sorry
intenselyintent4: its cool hah
oVa ViPe: lol
oVa ViPe: Druid dont got sqa
oVa ViPe: Cant risk it lol
intenselyintent4: you seem really trustworthy so..im ready when you are
oVa ViPe: Ok
oVa ViPe: [censored]
oVa ViPe: i need to change pw
oVa ViPe: cant give out this pw
intenselyintent4: why?
intenselyintent4: o.o
oVa ViPe: Cant say lol
intenselyintent4: hmm
intenselyintent4: site should work now
oVa ViPe: sec
oVa ViPe: cant log on it
intenselyintent4: i promise you i wont do anything with your password dude..i dont know any of your login names for anything theres nothing i could do with it..
oVa ViPe: No
oVa ViPe: it has nothing to do with that
oVa ViPe: personall info
intenselyintent4: ... ah...
oVa ViPe: wont let me friggin log
oVa ViPe: can u show me the rogue in game
oVa ViPe: while we wait here plz
intenselyintent4: /sigh id rather not risk the identity of the rogue as he is in the top guild on server /= just in case we dont trade
intenselyintent4: try logging in with a different browser?
oVa ViPe: LOL
oVa ViPe: Dude show me in game plz
oVa ViPe: i will show u in game
oVa ViPe: Just plz show me ingame
intenselyintent4: alright well
intenselyintent4: earlier
intenselyintent4: i changed the name of the server for the rogues own protection
intenselyintent4: he's really on a us pvp server named archimonde
oVa ViPe: ok
intenselyintent4: its still good tho
oVa ViPe: Horde?
intenselyintent4: yes
oVa ViPe: Ok
oVa ViPe: Show me in game now plz
oVa ViPe: Where u close too?
oVa ViPe: wat should i make?
oVa ViPe: Hey wats ur guild name?
oVa ViPe: lol
oVa ViPe: Im originally from arch alliance LOL
intenselyintent4: not in a guild also
oVa ViPe: Have u seen the guild On alli
oVa ViPe: Home , Pie , Xtreme?
intenselyintent4: yesa
oVa ViPe: I was druid in there
oVa ViPe: Names Score
oVa ViPe: With ZG raptor mount
intenselyintent4: oh cool
oVa ViPe: Ok wat should i maake?
oVa ViPe: Orc Rogue?
intenselyintent4: orc
oVa ViPe: ok
intenselyintent4: can i just link u my gear
oVa ViPe: Loggin on now
intenselyintent4: im in silithus
intenselyintent4: its my hearth
oVa ViPe: No i wanna see
oVa ViPe: it sorry
oVa ViPe: Need to see it bro
oVa ViPe: Just fly to Ogr
intenselyintent4: then start running to orgrimmar
oVa ViPe: Ok
oVa ViPe: Sorry gotta see it
oVa ViPe: just like u would like to see mine
intenselyintent4: nah i trust people..apparently you dont
intenselyintent4: btw the change password thing works now
intenselyintent4: change your pass
oVa ViPe: Really i dont
intenselyintent4: before it stops working
oVa ViPe: IUve been scammed out of i think
oVa ViPe: 10 accounts
oVa ViPe: all epic
oVa ViPe: So my paranoia meter is up there
intenselyintent4: alright but in the end man
intenselyintent4: no matter what
intenselyintent4: you have to give info first dude
intenselyintent4: okay?
oVa ViPe: I kno
intenselyintent4: ill show you in-game..
intenselyintent4: brb
oVa ViPe: Im on wow now
oVa ViPe: so hold on
oVa ViPe: IM logged on
oVa ViPe: THe name is
oVa ViPe: Successful
oVa ViPe: wats ur name
oVa ViPe: hello?
oVa ViPe: wats ur name?
oVa ViPe: Umm [censored]?
oVa ViPe: ok i think this is a scam
oVa ViPe: Bro
oVa ViPe: U gave me a ct profile to a rogue on A completely different server
intenselyintent4: im back
intenselyintent4: um
intenselyintent4: why would i put the real server on ct profile..so my whole guild would know im selling/trading?
oVa ViPe: Dont kno
oVa ViPe: But if u can prove me wrong
oVa ViPe: i will be more then happy to trade
oVa ViPe: Wats ur name on arch?
oVa ViPe: my name is Successful im in ogrimar right now
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: im startin to believe now
intenselyintent4: good : )
oVa ViPe: i just wanna see face to face
oVa ViPe: and i can trust
oVa ViPe: and give u info first
oVa ViPe: Can u post on my marke dragon page?
oVa ViPe: WOW
oVa ViPe: world of warcraft site is back down damniT!

intenselyintent4: you didnt change your password?
oVa ViPe: No
intenselyintent4: wow it was up and i said change it...please dont waste my time
oVa ViPe: i was talkin to u lol
intenselyintent4: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/account/change-password.html
oVa ViPe: Im back oN!lo l
intenselyintent4: dude thats not down
oVa ViPe: k done
oVa ViPe: Ok
oVa ViPe: Listen
oVa ViPe: U therE?
intenselyintent4: hey yeah
intenselyintent4: i have a lot more epics in bank tho btw lol
oVa ViPe: I dont care ive seen enuf
oVa ViPe: Listen
oVa ViPe: If u r intrested
oVa ViPe: i Will do it right now
oVa ViPe: ok?
intenselyintent4: yes
intenselyintent4: i am interested
oVa ViPe: I will give positive feedback
oVa ViPe: in 1 week
oVa ViPe: as may u
oVa ViPe: If the account is not recalle
oVa ViPe: ok?
intenselyintent4: same
intenselyintent4: ill give pos
oVa ViPe: Ok good
oVa ViPe: Liste nto me
oVa ViPe: If u scam me
oVa ViPe: I will hunt u down
oVa ViPe: And im not joking
oVa ViPe: ive sued 1 person already
intenselyintent4: alright dude I understand no need for threads..
oVa ViPe: and made alot out of it
intenselyintent4: lets keep this peaceful eh
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: Ok
oVa ViPe: u ready?
oVa ViPe: Wats ur account name?
intenselyintent4: noxination
oVa ViPe: ********
oVa ViPe: sec
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: im giving u pw
oVa ViPe: u ready?
intenselyintent4: yes
oVa ViPe: Ok
oVa ViPe: u ready to give me?
intenselyintent4: wait
intenselyintent4: u know im gonna login first really fast to make sure it works right?
oVa ViPe: u got 5 seconds to give me or i will change pw
intenselyintent4: then ill give u mine
intenselyintent4: 5 seconds? lol [censored]?
oVa ViPe: Dude
intenselyintent4: give me like 15 at least man.. geez
intenselyintent4: how can i tell in 5 seconds
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: 15 secs
intenselyintent4: alright dude
oVa ViPe: 10
oVa ViPe: 10
oVa ViPe: Im nervous
intenselyintent4: so am i /=
oVa ViPe: ok
intenselyintent4: ill give it to you as soon as i see it load in man
oVa ViPe: u ready
intenselyintent4: yes
intenselyintent4: you?
oVa ViPe: im countin to 15
oVa ViPe: if i dont got it
oVa ViPe: im switchin pw
intenselyintent4: alright man
oVa ViPe: Im trusting u man
intenselyintent4: so am i
oVa ViPe: [censored]
oVa ViPe: 1 sec
oVa ViPe: Our pw change back screen isnt going thru
intenselyintent4: ... /=
intenselyintent4: works for me...
intenselyintent4: /sigh
oVa ViPe: i just got on
intenselyintent4: if you dont wanna trade man
oVa ViPe: then not workin now
intenselyintent4: just tell me ><
oVa ViPe: I do lOl
oVa ViPe: dont worry
intenselyintent4: ...?
intenselyintent4: you there?
oVa ViPe: give me a min
intenselyintent4: keep leaving me man its makin me nervous
intenselyintent4: ok
oVa ViPe: I dont got ur account info lol
oVa ViPe: Wat can i do lol
intenselyintent4: still
intenselyintent4: lol
oVa ViPe: ok
oVa ViPe: ready?
intenselyintent4: ready
oVa ViPe: pw - ovavipe123
oVa ViPe: GOOOO!
intenselyintent4: p/w
intenselyintent4: gameon21
oVa ViPe: ok sec
oVa ViPe: u satisfied?
oVa ViPe: [censored]
oVa ViPe: is ur problem ?
oVa ViPe: [censored] AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?
intenselyintent4: huh?
intenselyintent4: [censored] are you talking about?
oVa ViPe: Umm there is no 60 ther
oVa ViPe: u kno what im talking about
intenselyintent4: dude [censored] i gave u the wrong account
oVa ViPe: Dude
oVa ViPe: COM On
oVa ViPe: Was that a test?
oVa ViPe: to see if i lied?
oVa ViPe: Dude i dont got sqa to warrior
oVa ViPe: plz dont screw me
intenselyintent4: sorry i was gonna busy
oVa ViPe: Its not my orig account i boufht it off ige
intenselyintent4: deleting all your gear and spamming [censored] in guild chat and ironforge
oVa ViPe: WOW
oVa ViPe: wat is ur problem
intenselyintent4: should i delete your warrior
intenselyintent4: or no
intenselyintent4: i already deleted all its gear
oVa ViPe: wow
intenselyintent4: wow what [censored]?
intenselyintent4: [censored] are you gonna do about it nig
oVa ViPe: u can go to [censored] hell bro
intenselyintent4: w/e [censored]
intenselyintent4: get a life fatass
intenselyintent4: youre so [censored] fat
oVa ViPe: im fat? LOL

intenselyintent4: i didnt even change ur p/w
intenselyintent4: i didnt scam u
intenselyintent4: u seriously think id give u my uber rogue for ur [censored] [censored] nub chars?
intenselyintent4: that wariror was actually pretty good tho
intenselyintent4: well
intenselyintent4: WAS
intenselyintent4: not anymore
intenselyintent4: its gone now lol
oVa ViPe: Greg?
intenselyintent4: [censored]?
intenselyintent4: if u think im gonna tell u my name
oVa ViPe: is this Greg?
intenselyintent4: yeah sure my nmae is greg hahah
intenselyintent4: yeah its greg
intenselyintent4: remember me?
intenselyintent4: lol
oVa ViPe: Remember u?
intenselyintent4: u should come down to cali sometime
oVa ViPe: LoL
oVa ViPe: im in Reno
oVa ViPe: Com [censored] see me
intenselyintent4: whats ur name kid
oVa ViPe: i play varsity footnall im going to USC for college
oVa ViPe: U stupid [censored]
oVa ViPe: If i eve [censored] find who u r
oVa ViPe: I will put u in a [censored] coma
intenselyintent4: ill tell u who i am [censored]
oVa ViPe: Who r u huh?
intenselyintent4: my name is kent brennon i live in chicago illinois and ill [censored] kill u if u ever come near me or my family



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