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Information on Bren1985


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The facts that i'm presenting about Bren1985:
1.) According to MD Admins Bren1985's IP address matches Joe1891. And Joe1891 shares the same IP as, BillytheJedi50(9184), Plutoisking(7833), and NorseThors(20775).
2.) NorseThors tried to scam me. Then went on the forums accusing me of being a scammer then left me hate ratings from his other alts like BillytheJedi50 and Plutoisking.
3.) The Warrior I see Bren1985 trying to sell/trade is the same one that Norsethors used to try an scam me.

Maybe Bren1985 really isn't tied to Norsethors and the other guys that left me hate ratings after trying to scam me then lying and saying that I was a scammer. But if thats true that means theirs an awful lot of coincidences. And to be honest I don't believe in coincidences.