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I'm almost positive i've been scammed.


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AMASTA93: hey
Cangiz69: hi
AMASTA93: heard u wanted to buy an account?
Cangiz69: thats right
AMASTA93: how much can u spend
Cangiz69: depends on the account
AMASTA93: 60 mage
Cangiz69: $45
Cangiz69: don't have much to spend
AMASTA93: 53?
Cangiz69: any time on the account?
AMASTA93: ya
AMASTA93: fresh
AMASTA93: 2 months
AMASTA93: cuz i been trying to sell it
AMASTA93: for past 3 days
AMASTA93: ..
Cangiz69: i see
AMASTA93: got paypal?
Cangiz69: yes
AMASTA93: k send 53$ to [email protected]
AMASTA93: when ready
Cangiz69: still deciding
AMASTA93: kk
AMASTA93: ??
Cangiz69: having 10 conversations at once sry
AMASTA93: heh
AMASTA93: the mage is fairly geared
AMASTA93: so..
AMASTA93: i think it's a decent price
Cangiz69: seems like one
Cangiz69: how much gold does your char have?
AMASTA93: 90
AMASTA93: 91,56s,41 c
Cangiz69: k
AMASTA93: so u sending the $$ 53$ to [email protected]
Cangiz69: not yet sry
AMASTA93: umm when exactly? cuz i want this done asap so i can go relax
Cangiz69: its between 2 people now
Cangiz69: 60 lock for $45 4 epics
AMASTA93: i have 9 epics
Cangiz69: 53 is a little out of my range man
AMASTA93: -.-
AMASTA93: what is in your range
Cangiz69: 49
AMASTA93: can u make it 50? cuz 49 looks dumb heh
Cangiz69: ok if you can show me some kind of proof of your account
Cangiz69: i was scammed last time
AMASTA93: what u mean u were scammed?
Cangiz69: took forever for paypal to return my claim
Cangiz69: i paid first for a decent account
Cangiz69: the person just left
AMASTA93: go on frost wolf
AMASTA93: alliance
AMASTA93: and msg evelyn
Cangiz69: don't have an account right now
AMASTA93: how do i prove it
AMASTA93: then
Cangiz69: take a screenshot ingame
AMASTA93: umm
Cangiz69: with evelyn somewhere you can blur everything else
AMASTA93: rofl k
AMASTA93: give me a sec k
Cangiz69: sure thing
AMASTA93: k accept
AMASTA93 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Reuben\Desktop\eve.JPG.
Cangiz69: ?
Cangiz69: upload to imageshack
AMASTA93 wants to directly connect.
AMASTA93 is now directly connected.
AMASTA93: how
AMASTA93: bro
AMASTA93: im sending ut he file
AMASTA93: just accept
Cangiz69: ok i saw it
AMASTA93: heh
Cangiz69: ok i'l send
AMASTA93: [email protected]
Cangiz69: ok sending
Cangiz69: sent
Cangiz69: hello?
Cangiz69: are you confirming payment?
AMASTA93: how
Cangiz69: did you get payment?
AMASTA93: Reuben D'Souza
Cangiz69: yessir
AMASTA93: nope didn't get it
Cangiz69: ??
Cangiz69: did you get payment?!?
AMASTA93: hmm
Cangiz69: i'm reuben
Cangiz69: look at note
AMASTA93 signed off at 1:56:20 PM.
AMASTA93 direct connection is closed.
Cangiz69: ...
Previous message was not received by AMASTA93 because of error: User AMASTA93 is not available.

Cangiz69: ...??
Previous message was not received by AMASTA93 because of error: User AMASTA93 is not available.

Yup, I'm an idiot. I shouldn't be so trusting with just a screnshot next time. :/.


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AMASTA93: accept the refund
AMASTA93: get the dispute done wit
Cangiz69: i did
AMASTA93: sry for scamming i just needed money for the character transfer
Cangiz69: but seriously i told you at the begining i was scmeed before
Cangiz69: i opened a dispute and got it back
Cangiz69: you honestly did not expect me to let this go did you?
AMASTA93: if i wanted to i could of dragged it on and made sur eu couldn't prove it
AMASTA93: but wasn't worth it
AMASTA93: for a character transfer..
AMASTA93: no cc=gay

Got my refund, beware of this guy.