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I got owned


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WoWTrader7842: hey whats up u trading?
SubliMe0392: yep
SubliMe0392: assuming u know i have a priest since ur messaging me
WoWTrader7842: ya
SubliMe0392: so ill assume u got a t2 horde transferable toon
WoWTrader7842: yep
SubliMe0392: whatcha got
WoWTrader7842: i got a warrior and a rouge warrior has couple peices of t3 actualy
SubliMe0392: that your willing to trade for my priest?
WoWTrader7842: ya
SubliMe0392: can u show ingame
WoWTrader7842: but both on diff accounts
WoWTrader7842: i would on give u 1
WoWTrader7842: sry

SubliMe0392: ?
SubliMe0392: only give me one?
SubliMe0392: im only expecting one account hehe
WoWTrader7842: ook kool
SubliMe0392: so can i see em in game
WoWTrader7842: i cant show in game atm cause im on a comp without WoW

SubliMe0392: when will u be
SubliMe0392: or can i log onto them
WoWTrader7842: idk not for a while and u got sqa?
SubliMe0392: yes i got sqa
SubliMe0392: not for a while...lol. dont expect to trade unless i hop on these accounts or see them ingame
SubliMe0392: your defiantely looking like a scammer at this point in time, but i wont judge :)
WoWTrader7842: dude i dont like people calling me a scammer i am atwork
WoWTrader7842: y u gotta be like that and call me a scammer
SubliMe0392: i said u look like one
SubliMe0392: prove me wrong
SubliMe0392: let me see one of these toons
WoWTrader7842: im at work bro since u called me a scammer i dont think i wana trade u i dont like that bro
SubliMe0392: lol
SubliMe0392: u mean cause i got the SQA u dont wanna trade with me
WoWTrader7842: no
SubliMe0392: well prove me wrong then
SubliMe0392: but i think ur a scammer cause ur offering characters WAY better than mine, and you cant show ingame
SubliMe0392: if ur not a scammer, post in my thread on ur markee name, and show me ingame, and i'll give you a sincere apology
WoWTrader7842: dude i odnt scam and i like getting toons better
WoWTrader7842: i will ttyl
SubliMe0392: k
Previous message was not received by WoWTrader7842 because of error: User WoWTrader7842 is not available.

These scammers get better everyday /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Soon enough I'm gonna be doomed by their uber tactics.


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I feel ya man...My hunter got ripped. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif