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Hypothetical trade guardian question


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So I bought an account from a guy, seemed like a trusted reseller.


Even if we went trough TG and spent what 35 euros for middle man, at the end of the day even through TG I would still ended up scammed?

TG would in reality just secure that I transaction is done but what happens after nobody cares?
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Hi @Coalescence,

I wanted to drop in and shed some light on what Trade Guardian is all about. TG main gig is to make sure your transactions go off without a hitch, checking out the stuff you're buying to make sure it's all good. But, and it's a big but, if things go sideways, like the seller pulling a fast one, reversing deals, or if the account gets banned, that's not on us. It's super important you do your homework and pick sellers that are legit and trustworthy.

I'd really recommend taking a few minutes to go over our Trade Guardian guide and some tips on safe trading practices. It's packed with info to help you make smart moves.

And about the "nobody cares" bit, I'm not exactly sure where that's coming from. We definitely care a lot, actually. If you've gone through with Trade Guardian and hit a snag like an account recall, hit up our dispute section. We're all about getting to the bottom of things and helping out. I hope that clears up any confusion bud.

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