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https://www.epicnpc.com/members/imorik.852137/ SCAMMER

Dispute Type
Scam Accusation
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Dispute Against
Honest person at first glance that turned out to be a low life scammer. This guys name apparently is Marat (lives in Moscow, Russia), his Steam username is Big Bon and his Twitch account is imorik. I bought from this scum a SWTOR account for USD 700.00, I paid in full via PayPal goods and services and after a lot of explaining about how paypal works to this idiot (null English, basically he was using google translate) we finally managed to proceed. He had a lot of trouble verifying his paypal account he used two emails and the one account that got verified, thats were i sent the money (red flag, yes). After he received the money, he started to freak out because Paypal withheld the money pending clearance and this dumb ass started accusing me of trying to rip him off by claiming the money and stealing his account. I, still very patient tried to explain that I had nothing to do with paypal provisionally withholding the money, that it should clear very soon. Finally after proving him that Im an honest person, we agreed that I was not a scammer and he finally told me the log in details. He contected me about 24 hours later telling me that he got the money but he again freaked out that paypal charged a fee (36usd) which I warned him about and he even agreed at the start of the negotiations. He finally let it go. Oh dear, after two weeks of playing fine, just after updating the game I get the terrifying message on the launcher "There is a problem with your account, wait for the email with instructions" I immediately go for my email where I find that a couple of hours before, a reset password email was sent to my inbox. I proceed to contact this filth on discord and as of the writing of this message, I havent gotten a reply. This scum requested a rest from the original email and thus, I got locked out of the account. I called customer support just to be informed that without the original email, there is nothing I can do. Obviouslly i started a Paypal dispute and escalated to claim and hoping just hoping I get my money back. This lowlife piece of filth waited until he could withdraw the money for paypal to reclaim his account. Please beware of this criminal. I have photo and text evidence of everything claimed on this post. His emails: [email protected] / [email protected] and [email protected]
Purchase Date: July 9, 2019
Date the problem begin: July 25, 2019
Method of Contact Used (chat progam): Discord
Instant Messenger username of the person you're accusing: Marat "Faxretdinov" (Morik#3859)
Your Instant Messenger ID: HDP#0854

Other information:

DISPUTE Information
Link of transaction thread (URL, Epicnpc thread):
Approximate value of property: $700.00 USD
Was Trade Guardian used? No, PayPal goods and services.
If yes, what is the Trade Guardian ID?

What is the dispute about?
User reclaimed the account and stole my money.

Other details / notes:

You MUST provide proof or your claim will not be valid!

Chat Log Screenshots (make sure username is visible, not display username): HDP (me) Morik (scammer)
Payment Screenshots (make sure the accused email is visible): Proof provided
Other proof: Proof of offer in EPIC NPC screenshots.

Account Recalls
Most account recalls have little proof. To get more evidence, please open a support ticket to attempt to recover the account BEFORE opening a dispute thread.

Did the seller say he's the original owner? Yes, proof provided.
What account information did the seller provide you at the time of sale? USERNAME and PASSWORD
How long did you have the account before it was recalled? About 15 days.
If you have a support ticket about this recall, please post screenshots of it. Will provide in different post I exceeded 20 shots limit.
(you can use the HIDE tag so the images are not publicly available to everyone)


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What information were you given when you received the account. SWTOR login and also the email account? or just the SWTOR login info?

Please send me all the login info for this account and email if you were given one.
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Multiple Accounts
I only received the login information and (I believe) a provisional password.
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Also at the first time of login he provided the one time code that SWTOR usually asks at login from his email. When I called customer support they did not recognized the "marat.faxret" email, thus, I believe that the original email is the star shadow one.

Also today I saw him streaming on Twitch from the account and he actually has a 3 hour video from yesterday, its really annoying how can this individual get off with such impunity. Twitch username: imorik
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Multiple Accounts
Did you take any screenshots of the stream? I doesn't appear on your video list.
No I did not I dropped the ball there but fortunately I found his Youtube were he uploaded a clip today using the stolen account:
It is important to mention that this scum deleted the videoa from twitch, but he was streaming today.


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