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How to share your Nintendo Switch account safely


Epic Admin
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Game Sharing on Nintendo Switch

Up to 8 Nintendo accounts can be added to a single Switch console. If the account is set as the "Active" (Primary) account, you will have access to all games downloaded and purchased on that account.

This means Switch players can share their accounts with others to share their games.

How to Game Share

1) First log into your Nintendo account and remove all saved payment methods. You don't want anyone buying something on your account.

2) Make sure the password on your Nintendo account is not the same as your email account.

3) Find someone to share with and exchanged login information.

That's it!

Is Game Sharing Safe?

Overall it's safe. A person can change your password, but they won't be able to change anything else, so they won't be able to steal the account.

If the person you're sharing with changes the password, this is the first sign they are attempting to steal your Nintendo account. At this time, you should reset the password using your email address. (Forgot password feature on Nintendo Switch site)

Warning: If the person you're sharing with asks you for an email security code sent by Nintendo, DO NOT give them the code. This will allow them to change the email address on your Nintendo account. This means they will be able to take full control of your account.
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