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Joe1891 - Banned#

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Hoody554: lol?
TanakaYakuza: Sorry got d/c
Hoody554: I don't scam...
TanakaYakuza: Show me in game?

Thats all I had left of what I exited from our previous IM I was looking for an orc warrior for my HWL shaman he comes at me says he has no sq/a but his warrior has Dark Edge of Insanity and all this other crap so after I said I just dont feel comfortable trading he IMed me again and that there is what happened then he logged PLEASE just watch out!!


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Tried to scam me too!!!!!!!!!!

Hoody554: hey
sargeantHAWKINS: hey
Hoody554: i got an alli rogue
sargeantHAWKINS: gear?
Hoody554: 6/8 t1
Hoody554: 4/8t2
sargeantHAWKINS: nice
sargeantHAWKINS: pvp?
Hoody554: Are you Original owner.. I don't mind if you arent.
sargeantHAWKINS: no im not
Hoody554: You mean pvp rank?
sargeantHAWKINS: pvp server or pve
sargeantHAWKINS: i have sqa
Hoody554: ohh hehe pvp
Hoody554: ok
Hoody554: Wanna do a test?
sargeantHAWKINS: ?
Hoody554: on each others chars
Hoody554: ?
sargeantHAWKINS: gimme a sec
Hoody554: alright..
sargeantHAWKINS: got a few offers at same time when i was loggin on
sargeantHAWKINS: lol
Hoody554: hehe...
sargeantHAWKINS: can i see ur md rep?
Hoody554: My old md account had 8pos
Hoody554: and then go ruined
Hoody554: by noobian
Hoody554: a [censored] scammer
sargeantHAWKINS: well
sargeantHAWKINS: u have that account?
sargeantHAWKINS: so i could see the pos and just ignore the nobian
Hoody554: it was 1 year ago
Hoody554: it was like
Hoody554: owned
Hoody554: sumthing
Hoody554: i forgot
sargeantHAWKINS: well u dont remember name?
sargeantHAWKINS: lol
Hoody554: owned sumthing it was ayear ago...
sargeantHAWKINS: well lemme try find it
sargeantHAWKINS: it was owned
sargeantHAWKINS: something?
Hoody554: yah
sargeantHAWKINS: k try find it
Hoody554: huh
Hoody554: ?
sargeantHAWKINS: ownage111, ownage666, ownage 786, ownageWoW
sargeantHAWKINS: which 1
Hoody554: none
Hoody554: it got banned from noobian
Hoody554: cuzz i sent him a virus
sargeantHAWKINS: what?
Hoody554: and he scammed me
sargeantHAWKINS: -_-
sargeantHAWKINS: well
Hoody554: he scammed me .. so i sent him virus
Hoody554: it was owned8744
sargeantHAWKINS: okk..
Hoody554: my account name
Hoody554: but it aint on there
Hoody554: ...
sargeantHAWKINS: wellll
sargeantHAWKINS: can we use middleman and just switch all info ?
Hoody554: Can we test first?
sargeantHAWKINS: well u could be like lets test
sargeantHAWKINS: then u get on DE all
Hoody554: Thats pointless....
sargeantHAWKINS: and then be like [censored] u talkin bout and leave
sargeantHAWKINS: ya i kno -_-
Hoody554: What would that achieve to me..
sargeantHAWKINS: but people do it
Hoody554: lawl
Hoody554: its [censored] retarted
Hoody554: im not some emo who sits in myf ucking room and does that..
Hoody554: lol..
sargeantHAWKINS: ya
sargeantHAWKINS: lol
Hoody554: ok.
Hoody554: so can we test
Hoody554: ?
sargeantHAWKINS: gimme a few secs
Hoody554: ok..
Hoody554: whos account is it
Hoody554: was*
sargeantHAWKINS: someone i got it from
Hoody554: lol..
sargeantHAWKINS: lol
Hoody554: they gave it to u
Hoody554: ?
sargeantHAWKINS: i traded them
Hoody554: ok.
Hoody554: what did he give u
Hoody554: accoun tname pw sqa
sargeantHAWKINS: the hunter :|
Hoody554: and email?
sargeantHAWKINS: ya
Hoody554: and email?
sargeantHAWKINS: would u trade emails?
sargeantHAWKINS: ya i got that
Hoody554: sure..
sargeantHAWKINS: its just for the account so i could trade it if youd trade urs
Hoody554: mmk
sargeantHAWKINS: k
sargeantHAWKINS: wanna test?
Hoody554: When we trade..Is it ok if you went first? I'm not even into this game.. rly anymore and just trying to get red of my account.. Im not gunna scam over.. a game.. i just dont wanna get scammed again i got scammed 4 times this week..
Hoody554: and got sick of recalling
sargeantHAWKINS: well
sargeantHAWKINS: i have positive rep
sargeantHAWKINS: hawkins01 is my md name
Hoody554: That doenst mean [censored] anymore
Hoody554: No effence
sargeantHAWKINS: and u dont even have an account :|
Hoody554: u got a mic
Hoody554: ?
sargeantHAWKINS: no
Hoody554: can u hear mne
Hoody554: me**
sargeantHAWKINS: ya
sargeantHAWKINS: lets just trade ours quick
sargeantHAWKINS: rite when i give u mine
sargeantHAWKINS: gimme urs
sargeantHAWKINS: or ill recall it quick
Hoody554: Account name/pw/sqa/email/and # on the account.
Hoody554: Then when i verify its correct
Hoody554: I will give u mine.
sargeantHAWKINS: wait
Hoody554: mmmk..
sargeantHAWKINS: woah woah woah
sargeantHAWKINS: hell no
sargeantHAWKINS: let sjust get middleman
Hoody554: can i test urs first
Hoody554: then
sargeantHAWKINS: im not gonna give you everything u need to take the account
Hoody554: ?
sargeantHAWKINS: no we'll just use middleman
sargeantHAWKINS: lemme find one
Hoody554: i cant test?
sargeantHAWKINS: when middleman trades our info
Hoody554: Alright lets do it the first way
sargeantHAWKINS: u can test
Hoody554: u give me ur account name pw
Hoody554: and i give mine
Hoody554: then when they bpoth work
sargeantHAWKINS: sorry im just not really trusting u now
Hoody554: we give sqa
sargeantHAWKINS: no offense but
Hoody554: How can I scam
sargeantHAWKINS: lemme just get one
sargeantHAWKINS: ive been scamed
Hoody554: when u have sqa?
Hoody554: huh?
sargeantHAWKINS: i dont even kno u got an account
sargeantHAWKINS: lemme just get middeleman
sargeantHAWKINS: nothin bad happens
Hoody554: ok
sargeantHAWKINS: might be a few mins
sargeantHAWKINS: but this is just to make sure we both have all our information to trade
sargeantHAWKINS: middleman would test then give back to both
Hoody554: ok if this dusnt happen in 5 min im going
Hoody554: lol..
Hoody554: im tired as fucck
sargeantHAWKINS: alright im hurryin
sargeantHAWKINS: lol
Hoody554: or we can just do it
Hoody554: the way u said before
Hoody554: it u cant find 1 soon
Hoody554: ok?
sargeantHAWKINS: found 1
sargeantHAWKINS: accept
sargeantHAWKINS: give him ur info
Hoody554 signed off at 10:43:34 PM.