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Hilarious convo of a [censored] lol...


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zOmglies: Hi
Sublife1983: yo
zOmglies: I read your post
zOmglies: WTS 60 ORc Rogue PvP server Anetheron. Has 6/8 Valor. Might Helm. rank 7. End Game Guild. Dalrends set amd Relentless Scythe.

Rogue is orc to on Tichondrius server. was rank 8 dont know now has felstrike and lobotomizer. more epics in the bank

Asking for 250$

AIM: sublife1983
Sublife1983: ok
[censored] moron?
Sublife1983: ?
Sublife1983: are u stupid?
Sublife1983: or am i charging to much for ur broke [censored] lol?
[censored] moron, now convince me otherwise
zOmglies: But I'd ilke to know
zOmglies: like*
[censored][censored] idiot
zOmglies: gg sir.
zOmglies: I deem you..
[censored] MORON
Sublife1983: it was a mistype
[censored] will know what i meant
Sublife1983: sorry ur stupid and couldnt realize a common mistake
zOmglies: Yeah rofl you just accidently forget that rogues can't wear plate?
Sublife1983: sorry god didnt bless u with common sense
[censored] moron thats not a mistake you did it twice
zOmglies: So what does your rogue have newb ?
zOmglies: Nope
zOmglies: I don't trade or buy
zOmglies: I have a rogue
zOmglies: 5 ns 4 bf perd and cht, gtfo imo
[censored] off nub lol ur a useless [censored] who prolly is like 50 yrs old with no life and nothing to do in RL so u convert into harassing others online. You prolly get pwned in RL so u take ur anger out on online ppl lol
[censored] idiot
zOmglies: No one will ever take that seriously
zOmglies: LOL way to assume buddy
Sublife1983: Rogue has chromatically tempered sword full thekals set full bloodfang full NS
zOmglies: Yeah okay
Sublife1983: everything attuned 2kg on handf
zOmglies: lets change what we have
Sublife1983: 250 aint bad
zOmglies: Now
zOmglies: please tell me where..
zOmglies: WTS 60 ORc Rogue PvP server Anetheron. Has 6/8 Valor. Might Helm. rank 7. End Game Guild. Dalrends set amd Relentless Scythe.

zOmglies: FULL BF is
zOmglies: hmm?
Sublife1983: well its re-edited for losers with no common sense
Sublife1983: ok so w/e
Sublife1983: u know i meant warrior
Sublife1983: [censored] fool
zOmglies: ROFL
zOmglies: omg
zOmglies: lmao
[censored] turd ahaha
Sublife1983: chinese ebay farmese who lost job?
Sublife1983: gg
Sublife1983: ahahaha
zOmglies: lol yeah because I don't speak english
zOmglies: What did I spell wrong moron ?
Sublife1983: ahaha i see that
zOmglies: Please show me
Sublife1983: piece u nub
Sublife1983: didnt u go to kindergarten
zOmglies: lol wow one typo
Sublife1983: what a dumbasss
zOmglies: gg
Sublife1983: ahahaahahha!
Sublife1983: thats funny dude!
Sublife1983: u harass me about my mistype
Sublife1983: ahahaha!
zOmglies: Goodluck selling your valor rogue scrub
Sublife1983: not even lingo correctly
Sublife1983: ahahaha
Sublife1983: if i dont o well
[censored] ahaha
zOmglies: No one would pay 250 for that pos account
Sublife1983: prolly not
Sublife1983: but at least
[censored] moron dude
Sublife1983: wow
Sublife1983: ur stupid
Sublife1983: learn to spell
Sublife1983: learn to play
zOmglies: LOL
Sublife1983: Learn some come backs...
zOmglies: l2p scrub gtfo, goodluck on your bs servers too btw
zOmglies: Mannoroth > You
Sublife1983: umm ok
Sublife1983: lol who cares dude ahahah
zOmglies: Come play on mannoroth with the skilled kids
[censored] cares man...
[censored] accomplishment that is ahaha
[censored] ahahahah
[censored] job instead of selling your shitty account
zOmglies: you should learn to spell you
Sublife1983: lol ahahaha
Sublife1983: cry more
Sublife1983: plz cry more
Sublife1983: cry cry plz more i need it
zOmglies: I'm not cying
[censored] hilarious
Sublife1983: go go go
Sublife1983: talk more about ur 1337 server
Sublife1983: ahah
zOmglies: LOL I'm not even complaining
Sublife1983: ahahahahaha
Sublife1983: ahahahahahahahaha~
Sublife1983: got damnit ur funny
[censored] humor is actually kind of entertaining
Sublife1983: i can tell by ur screen name u have no RL
Sublife1983: Zomglies
Sublife1983: ur so addicted WoW lingo is in ur RL and on the game
Sublife1983: i bet u get ur [censored] kicked in public
[censored] up for god sake
Sublife1983: i bet people point and laugh at u
Sublife1983: AHAHAHAHAH
[censored] man i like to have RL fun
Sublife1983: i never play dude ahah
Sublife1983: i buy/sell
Sublife1983: ahahahaha
Sublife1983: how old are u 15
Sublife1983: sheesh man
Sublife1983: u typed a essay dude
Sublife1983: ahahahahahahaha got damnit man
Sublife1983: ahahaha
Sublife1983: dude do u realize how sad u are
Sublife1983: u instant messaged me
zOmglies: +int gear imo, [censored]
Sublife1983: saying rogues dont wear plate ahaha!
Sublife1983: imaging urself in a RL arguement about that!
Sublife1983: you would get pointed at and laughed at dude so hilarious
Sublife1983: i bet ur the guy
Sublife1983: that was at the star wars convention
Sublife1983: and i pointed at a soldier and said dam,n look at that wookie
zOmglies: AIM = RL, ggscrub, go buy some +int gear irl, gogo
Sublife1983: and u [censored] near killed ur self
Sublife1983: u were like dude!
Sublife1983: thats not a wookie!
Sublife1983: ahahahaha!
zOmglies: [censored] are you talking about
Sublife1983: how lame u are
zOmglies: umm okay
Sublife1983: how u make disputes
[censored] game!!
Sublife1983: no [censored] for u
Sublife1983: gg!
Sublife1983: ahahaha!
zOmglies: rofl
Sublife1983: ahahahahahahahaah~!
zOmglies: omg lol you know me so well
Sublife1983: its easy to spot a lamer [email protected]
Sublife1983: dude get on vent
zOmglies: I bet you know that my gf is an azn gold farmer
Sublife1983: plz!
zOmglies: she farms in tyr's hand
Sublife1983: ahahah alli nightelf rogue i bet!?!
zOmglies: every day for 18 hours
zOmglies: nope shes a troll
zOmglies: shes fat as [censored] irl
Sublife1983: and ur a [censored]!
zOmglies: I don't let her come to dinner with me in public
zOmglies: She just stays home and farms