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high4lifebZ = scammer (?)


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Was gonna trade with him, kept saying he couldnt show his account even though his friend was able to play WoW an stuff... so I even went and got a middleman that wouldnt favor either of us and when he said he wouldnt go first he calls me a scammer lol he also kept asking to use his friend as the middleman instead of people that i chose, yet I had no proof his characters even existed......anyway read the convo if you want. He said his MD name is Thewitness but I heard that from someone else the same night. So who knows. Anyways hes either a scammer or a time waster either of them I would want to stay away from him..

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high4lifebZ (10:48:23 PM): hey i know your not trading, but was wondering if any way you would treade it for a ud mage with full tier 1 and half tear 2 and also 60 troll rogue with gg and 5 NS and emralds dagger both got dog mounts both exhatled with av and mage has staff of dominance, been looking for a druid for awile for pvp but dont got the money to buy 1
Noob993 (10:49:21 PM): Druid is on Gilneas if you want to see him...
high4lifebZ returned at 10:49:22 PM.
high4lifebZ (10:50:07 PM): well, cant buy, thats my offer i can trade tho, same account and same server my chars
Noob993 (10:50:16 PM): I know
Noob993 (10:50:21 PM): do you want to see the Druid?
high4lifebZ (10:50:47 PM): alrite, im sorry that i curently play wow at the library, but i think you can host it and im sure i can see it
Noob993 (10:51:07 PM): host what
high4lifebZ (10:51:32 PM): a picture of the druid
high4lifebZ (10:51:55 PM): www.imageshack.us
Noob993 (10:52:12 PM): i dont have photoshop on this comp so i couldnt
high4lifebZ (10:52:19 PM): alrite
high4lifebZ (10:53:16 PM): alrite, let me ask my buddy to get on for one sec and host a pic of the chars of mine
Noob993 (10:53:24 PM): id have to see them ingame
high4lifebZ (10:53:39 PM): alrite, i can do that after i get home
Noob993 (10:53:56 PM): ok
high4lifebZ (10:54:32 PM): k hes gunna host a pic now
Noob993 (10:54:39 PM): k
high4lifebZ (10:55:03 PM): http://img29.imageshack.us/my.php?image=roguemage4sf.jpg
high4lifebZ (10:55:36 PM): alrite hes gunna get a picture or mage
Noob993 (10:55:49 PM): k
high4lifebZ (10:56:28 PM): http://img29.imageshack.us/my.php?image=magerogue5mx.jpg
Noob993 (10:57:52 PM): you have your SA for your account?
high4lifebZ (10:57:53 PM): alrite yea thos are both of them
high4lifebZ (10:58:08 PM): unfortionatly no, altho i can get it
high4lifebZ (10:58:11 PM): maby tho
Noob993 (10:58:38 PM): well could I try your account to check it out?... I have like +3 positive rating on Markee so im not gonna jack it
high4lifebZ (10:58:58 PM): what ive seen there is no feedback for you
Noob993 (10:59:07 PM): for Nuka?
high4lifebZ (10:59:14 PM): yessir
Noob993 (10:59:35 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/70754/an/0/page/0#70754 I have 3 positive
high4lifebZ (11:00:34 PM): ah
Noob993 (11:01:14 PM): so then would it be ok if I did that or not?
high4lifebZ (11:01:45 PM): account name llamapirate
Noob993 (11:02:12 PM): ok whats the pass
high4lifebZ (11:02:37 PM): hold on
high4lifebZ (11:04:08 PM): nvm dont wanna give you the pw
high4lifebZ (11:04:14 PM): alot of risks in that
Noob993 (11:04:20 PM): i guess
Noob993 (11:04:28 PM): i just want to know the characters exist
high4lifebZ (11:04:36 PM): np
high4lifebZ (11:05:27 PM): anything i can hold?
high4lifebZ (11:05:30 PM): got vent?
Noob993 (11:05:39 PM): yeh i got vent
high4lifebZ (11:06:13 PM): hold on let me see if i can get my buddy to go in with you
Noob993 (11:06:29 PM): alright
high4lifebZ (11:06:41 PM): he said to hop in markee dragons ventrilo server
high4lifebZ (11:07:10 PM): here is the ip
high4lifebZ (11:07:11 PM): Chicago3.NationVoice.com
high4lifebZ (11:07:16 PM): port
high4lifebZ (11:07:17 PM): 3894
high4lifebZ (11:08:02 PM): hes in trade 5 he says
Noob993 (11:08:53 PM): alright im in there
Noob993 (11:14:11 PM): the druids payed for till march by the way
Noob993 (11:14:14 PM): so you got lots of time on it
high4lifebZ (11:15:29 PM): mine has till the end of next month
Noob993 (11:15:36 PM): ok
Noob993 (11:15:42 PM): whats your name on Markee?
high4lifebZ (11:16:25 PM): i dont really trade on there, ive only traded one time on that site and thats about all i havent made a name or anything
Noob993 (11:16:42 PM): ok
Noob993 (11:17:16 PM): ill trade you...why not just give me info, let me go on account to check it
Noob993 (11:17:25 PM): then ill tell you mine
Noob993 (11:17:29 PM): an your friend checks it
high4lifebZ (11:18:02 PM): well, my buddy i think also has a name on there, with some feedback...i mean he can middle man? thats how i did my first trade
Noob993 (11:18:17 PM): whats his name on there
high4lifebZ (11:18:30 PM): i will just have to see
Noob993 (11:20:03 PM): i dunno about getting a middleman for this cause i havent even seen your stuff
Noob993 (11:20:30 PM): so you can give me your info, i give you mine an we're done....or we wait till whenever one of you gets on the account an shows me
high4lifebZ (11:21:45 PM): hum.
Noob993 (11:22:21 PM): whats your friends AIM?
high4lifebZ (11:22:50 PM): signed off hold on let me call and tell him to get on
Noob993 (11:22:58 PM): no jus tell me what it is
Noob993 (11:23:15 PM): because I was talking to some guy and he said his name on MD was "thewitness" and so did your friend
Noob993 (11:23:48 PM): the guy who had said his MD name was thewitness had offered to buy my Druid for $350
high4lifebZ (11:23:58 PM): switchson something
Noob993 (11:24:02 PM): but his friend couldn't send the money so I said [censored] it
high4lifebZ (11:24:03 PM): hum, hold on
high4lifebZ (11:24:17 PM): let me call to ask about it
high4lifebZ signed off at 11:24:50 PM.
high4lifebZ signed on at 11:26:25 PM.
Noob993 (11:31:07 PM): alright i dunno how i can guarntee im not gonna steal your account...but i cant trade unless i see it ingame, i wouldnt care if i couldnt use your account but neither of you will show it ingame so what else can i do
Noob993 (11:31:20 PM): i have +3 rating on markee cause im legit
Noob993 (11:31:36 PM): as soon as I scammed someone it would all over the boards...
Noob993 (11:31:58 PM): .
Noob993 (11:34:00 PM): so its like 11 30 an i got an exam tommorow
high4lifebZ (11:34:10 PM): o
Noob993 (11:34:11 PM): so if we're gonna do sumthin lets do it now or tommorow
high4lifebZ (11:34:47 PM): well, i cant give you him to go on, you can take it and not give it back, or idk......
Noob993 (11:35:01 PM): ya but then how will i know your characters exist
high4lifebZ (11:35:26 PM): i will have my buddy go on
Noob993 (11:35:34 PM): ok....
Noob993 (11:41:47 PM): so do you still want to trade or no?
high4lifebZ (11:42:17 PM): i would love to trade, druid look good in pvp...
Noob993 (11:42:51 PM): well how we gonna do it then....your not going to get scammed man ill even give you my cell number
high4lifebZ (11:43:40 PM): same here, altho like i had done this once before, he even said he wouldnt same me, badoxo on marke has posative feedback and had did the same stuff to me awile ago
Noob993 (11:44:16 PM): i know that guy is like retarded though
high4lifebZ (11:45:07 PM): hrm?
Noob993 (11:45:22 PM): badxo has negative neutral and positive
Noob993 (11:45:27 PM): i have all positive...
high4lifebZ (11:45:35 PM): still...
high4lifebZ (11:46:14 PM): im not sure man, i can give you my number and everything
Noob993 (11:46:17 PM): well i dont what to tell you
high4lifebZ (11:46:21 PM): same
Noob993 (11:46:47 PM): you can let me on the account or not. all i can say is that its not gonna get stolen
high4lifebZ (11:47:29 PM): well he said stuff like that also, sorry but its WAY to much for me to risk
Noob993 (11:47:44 PM): ok well how do you expect me to trade....
high4lifebZ (11:47:57 PM): how do you expect me to trade then?
high4lifebZ (11:48:08 PM): expect everybody to just give you their accounts?
Noob993 (11:48:37 PM): im not asking you to give it to me. most of the time people are able to meet in the game
high4lifebZ (11:48:59 PM): unfortionatly, i cant do that.
high4lifebZ (11:49:18 PM): i have to study for finals and everything, got this big report do tomarow
Noob993 (11:50:15 PM): what if i got a middleman...someone neither of us are friends with
high4lifebZ (11:51:11 PM): depends, not to old with marke dont know alot of people but sure...can try how they do it and yea....last time i had traded it was a trade with my buddy and he had middlemaned for us
Noob993 (11:53:33 PM): umm the guy is like oh im doing homework
Noob993 (11:53:37 PM): so ill see if i can get him to
high4lifebZ (11:54:17 PM): haw?
high4lifebZ (11:54:32 PM): Noob993: umm the guy is like oh im doing homework

Noob993: so ill see if i can get him to
high4lifebZ (11:54:33 PM): ?
Noob993 (11:54:37 PM): hes saying tommorow but im asking if he will do it for us tonight
Noob993 (11:55:54 PM): he has like 14 positive feedback
high4lifebZ (11:56:16 PM): what?
Noob993 (11:56:28 PM): the middleman
Noob993 (11:57:55 PM): add mainstreet89
Noob993 (11:58:01 PM): and he will middleman us
Noob993 (11:58:35 PM): ok?
high4lifebZ (11:59:52 PM): no
Noob993 (12:00:00 AM): no?
high4lifebZ (12:00:29 AM): im not gunna trade, just to high of a risk, and also dont have the answer, and also dont know this guy
Noob993 (12:00:43 AM): ya i dont know him either...whatever man
Noob993 (12:01:11 AM): like ive done whatever i can to make it seem secure... i got a middleman who is trustworthy and you just said it would be ok to get a MM
high4lifebZ (12:01:29 AM): you just now said you dont know him
high4lifebZ (12:01:32 AM): so your lieing
high4lifebZ (12:01:36 AM): so you are a scammer?
high4lifebZ (12:01:52 AM): look, at it this way why dont you go first
Noob993 (12:02:17 AM): go first when i havent even seen your characters and dont know they exist...
high4lifebZ (12:02:26 AM): same here
Noob993 (12:02:40 AM): so get on and look at him ...but you cant.
Noob993 (12:02:50 AM): get your friend to.
high4lifebZ (12:03:05 AM): to do what?
Noob993 (12:03:36 AM): to look at mine
high4lifebZ (12:04:04 AM): hold i will call him
Noob993 (12:04:10 AM): but this is getting stupid so either you use the MM or not...its up to you im tired now
Noob993 (12:07:24 AM): when i show you a SS of my Druid will you use the middleman?
high4lifebZ (12:07:30 AM): ROFL
high4lifebZ (12:07:31 AM): ROFL
high4lifebZ (12:07:34 AM): whos the middleman?
Noob993 (12:07:43 AM): mainstreet89....
high4lifebZ (12:07:56 AM): nt, to big of a risk, you can go first nt
Noob993 (12:10:17 AM): alright then...later
high4lifebZ (12:10:28 AM): bye scammer...rofl
high4lifebZ signed off at 12:10:30 AM.