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Hello, Can i please Value check for my account?


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Hello is there a section where i can past a link to thread where im trying to sell my account to find out value of my acc? I just want to set fair price :)

Dont want to try sell it in this section, but can someone help me set some value of this acc? If in this section that questions are prohibited or i breaked the rules different way, im sorry i couldnt find better section pls guide me.
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this section is fine, I would personally value it anywhere between 1k-1.7k(kinda pushing it Maybe) depending if u work on the Life skilling and Worker empire... Master in fishing and gathering aren't a good lifeskill for selling but instead rolling Multiple master/Guru significantly boost the account. the lifeskill that'll increase its price is generally into Cooking/barter/sailing/Alchemy/Training (if u have a Dream Horse)

The reason i would see a value of only between 1k-1.5k roughly is solely because the gear is good for a Medium account but still rolling with with only 3 capotia parts and 2 truvala. Also because of how its only based for its Gear. it won't sell great when a buyer looks at it and realize there is no Worker empire (can tell from your Bank), Nor a Life skilling Alt realistically (no Manos along with how low your Fame is) .....This account can easily be 2k+ if you take a month or 2 to work on the life skilling and changing out the truvala, Bhegs and Urugon will definitely boost its price along with if u change those earrings to tungrad or distortion and the belt. basically the price is only because you're buying it for the Tet blackstar + PEN kutum / Dande.

Wish you luck on the endeavor of selling it. :D
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