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heads up on CoreyR09


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So heres the story if uve read my last post "im not sgg049" this would make more sense, u see me and this guy corey were thinking of trading characters so i played his account for a day, kinda liked it and i guess he kinda liked mine, but the next day, he AIMS me saying imma scammer on FALSE EVIDENCE IM NOT [censored] SGG DAMNIT...so yah he takes it into his hands 2 put a stop 2 this guy he THINKS is a scammer, so he deletes my accounts, sends away my gold, and deletes EVERYTHING I HAVE thanks bud u made me waste 2 hours getting it all back!! so [censored] get ur facts STRAIT DIP [censored] dont [censored] delete someones character cuz u THINK THEY ARE A SCAMMER MAKE SURE THEY ARE [censored]