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hakajakalaka AIM


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hakajakalaka: heya
cartmanL337: hey
hakajakalaka: What u lf ur rogue/
hakajakalaka: ???
hakajakalaka: dude?
cartmanL337: anything
cartmanL337: naxx geared
hakajakalaka: 3/9 Frostfire mage?
hakajakalaka: 7/8 Netherwind. + more.
cartmanL337: xferable? and race?
hakajakalaka: PvP xferble, undead.
cartmanL337: can i see him ingame?
hakajakalaka: not atm but if u'd like I can go ventrilo with ya.
hakajakalaka: ???
cartmanL337: tell me when you can show him ingame
hakajakalaka: not atm.
hakajakalaka: i cna let u on it though.
cartmanL337: sure what server is he on?
hakajakalaka: Destromath
hakajakalaka: power48.nrgservers.net
hakajakalaka: 3547
hakajakalaka: come to the Demoted channel
cartmanL337: k
hakajakalaka: wow
hakajakalaka: ok let me find one more.
cartmanL337: k
hakajakalaka: voice.clanservers.com
hakajakalaka: 4651
hakajakalaka: LETHAL CHANNEL PLZ.
cartmanL337: mic is down atm [censored] thing broke
hakajakalaka: ok
cartmanL337: ok
cartmanL337: you there?
cartmanL337: no thanks...
cartmanL337: there is a post about you in the markee forums already
cartmanL337: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post237448
hakajakalaka: yea i recalled the acc...that R tard changed my pw.
hakajakalaka signed off at 3:12:52 PM.

the part I said no thanks to was when he told me he wanted my info so he could login to the forums just like above rofl he is like 10 years old also.