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Selling GW2 (US/EU) 1-80 in 24 hours! Power leveling, masteries, achievs (no bots, no exploits)


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GW2 (US/EU) 1-80 in 24 hours! Power leveling, masteries, achievs (no bots, no exploits)

Greetings fellow guild wars 2 players! I'm Archy the skritt, and here you can offer some of my shiny services:

Power leveling from any level to 80 in 1 day

Boost your character up to level 80 in less than 24 hours. Character class or starting level doesn't matter.

Full map completion (Tyria, HoT, PoF & LWS3)

100% map (Tyria, HoT, PoF) completion on any of your characters. Time elapsed depends on character level/class and current map completion %.

Crafting boost up to 500

Boost any crafting profession (except the scribe) to level 500 in 1 day. If you don't have enough gold/materials we will use from our own stock.

Tyria, HoT and PoF masteries farm

Get all your masteries maxed out and ready to use.

Hero points farm

Get enough hero points to fully unlock your elite spec on any character.

WvW rank + reward track farm

WvW rank and reward track farming with any class (1 full reward track in 1 day).

Dailies, fractals, dungeons, token farming

I can do any daily activity for you, including ordinary dailies, new maps, dungeons, fractals and daily token farm.


Who are you?

I'm veteran mmo player and professional GW2 farmer. I'm doing this with a team of my old friends, so we can take several orders at same time.

Availiable servers?

All my offers are availiable for both US and EU servers.

Is it safe?

All my offers are 100% safe and done manually. I can even record the whole process if you want to be sure no bots/exploits are being used. If something goes wrong by my fault i will give you a refund.

Payment methods?

Currently I accept Paypal, BitCoins, Skrill, VISA, Webmoney.

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