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Gothika69 - Worst Scammer Ever.


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[19:51] xxxgothikka69xxx: Hello
[19:51] xxxgothikka69xxx: Want a free honour lvl?
[19:51] USDeltaSniper03: yo
[19:52] USDeltaSniper03: want to learn how to scam?
[19:52] xxxgothikka69xxx: lolol
[19:52] xxxgothikka69xxx: sureeeee
[19:52] xxxgothikka69xxx: lol!!
[19:52] USDeltaSniper03: I mean, seriously dude
[19:52] xxxgothikka69xxx: How?
[19:52] USDeltaSniper03: how many idiots a year do you get with that?
[19:52] xxxgothikka69xxx: fo real
[19:52] xxxgothikka69xxx: 25
[19:52] xxxgothikka69xxx: :p
[19:53] USDeltaSniper03: you do know this is the third time you have contacted me about this, right?
[19:53] USDeltaSniper03: That's how I know you are a scammer.
[19:53] xxxgothikka69xxx: listen
[19:53] xxxgothikka69xxx: I wanna c how u would scam
[19:53] USDeltaSniper03: I have never scammed anyone
[19:53] xxxgothikka69xxx: what would u say
[19:54] USDeltaSniper03: but I definately know how to do it, and you suck at it
[19:54] USDeltaSniper03: what would I say to what?
[19:54] xxxgothikka69xxx: to a person u wanted to scam
[19:54] USDeltaSniper03: why would I give you information like that?
[19:54] USDeltaSniper03: One, I have never scammed.
[19:55] USDeltaSniper03: Two, I'm not going to lay across common sense for some idiot who doesn't have any clue how to scam.
[19:55] USDeltaSniper03: AT LEAST try something original
[19:55] xxxgothikka69xxx: like what
[19:55] USDeltaSniper03: the free leveling is over-used
[19:55] xxxgothikka69xxx: Wanna trade
[19:55] xxxgothikka69xxx: ?
[19:55] USDeltaSniper03: I have a feeling you are trying to get me to say something
[19:55] xxxgothikka69xxx: no
[19:55] USDeltaSniper03: yes
[19:55] xxxgothikka69xxx: would u say that?
[19:55] USDeltaSniper03: you are
[19:55] xxxgothikka69xxx: to a scammer
[19:55] *** "xxxgothikka69xxx" signed off at Sun Jan 22 19:55:59 2006.
Session Close (xxxgothikka69xxx): Sun Jan 22 19:56:36 2006

I have a screenie too, let me know if you want it.