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Got scammed by ggnewb after 2 week.


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The story goes like this I bought his warlock for 200$ US. Everything goes well for the trade no scam there. 1 week later I he changed my password fortunatly He was there when I saw it and I asked him what happened. He told me his brother may have changed it then right after he gave me back the password. Now tonight I come back at home after work and guess what ? You know the end of the story AGAIN the password is lost. His aim is Pure silver Lawl

Any suggestion in this case so I can either get the lock back or the money back. I've asked him too if he could give me the SQ/SQ CD-Key he say he lost the cd-key along when he moved.

Btw I don't know if it helped but I entered my credit card into the account anyway I can retrieve the account by this way if I have no other information on it beside the adresse etc.

Thanks and beware of him!