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Got Pwned? Scammer got owned!! READ!!!


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Well as most of you know there is a scandal going around with a warlock on the realm Thunderlord (US PVP) named kawatzo (full tier 2 and 1 lock). Well the owner markee name: g4mer, aim name: PUMA2THEHOLE, is going around selling it then recalling and keeping the money. Well I think I was the first one to get involved with this scam (my luck) it was on my b-day and I had some spare money so I baught the account, got the guys phone number and we talked. A few days later I say I give my friend the account and he changed the pass. (I told the owner this). I get it back the same day by tricking my friend (Pwned him too =D lol) I told the owner that I got the account back. A few days later I try to log on the warlock to discover the password was changed. He says blahdedadyda that it was my friend and more [censored]. I say there is no way he could have changed it becuase I got it back from him and theres no way he could get the sqa or pass. Oh yeah, and in the begginging he said he didn't have the sqa.I ask him to refund my money he's like ok youll get your money back later. I think later that night, if not the next day, he MTs (miss tells) a tell saying "Some guy was going to buy it for 1200 but then he logged out." "Damn lol." Imediately I knew he was talking about the lock and talked to him, he try to play dumb I was like w/e. I ask him are you going to send me the money back and he's like go file a claim with paypal that you baught the item and never recieved it. I do, haha later that night he asks me to cancel it becuase he is just going to pay me it because he got an offer, I was going to at first but, there was a feeling this was a scam so I decided not too. A few shits a days later he blocks me from aim and replies to the claim. Obvisiously he didn't write something too good because they called for more information. so I said this "Knowing they would immediately deny it if I told them it was an intengible item. I end up getting it granted and a few minutes ago I find out.....L00k Who unblocks me >.< It's PUMA2THEHOLE *Claps* haha he comes whinning at me saying whyed you lie to paypal and a whole bunch of [censored]

Heres convo..

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PUMA2THEHO LE (6:38:37 PM): whyd you lie to paypal
freakinfighter (6:39:38 PM): why did you dispute it
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:39:50 PM): why did you lie
freakinfighter (6:39:51 PM): and block me
freakinfighter (6:40:00 PM): seemed like you were scamming me
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:40:09 PM): you lied to paypal
freakinfighter (6:40:19 PM): I didn't lie
freakinfighter (6:40:23 PM): You lied to me
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:40:27 PM): it is intangible
freakinfighter (6:40:36 PM): You were going to steal my money
freakinfighter (6:41:14 PM): Why did you block me
freakinfighter (6:41:28 PM): What did you say on the phone to paypal
freakinfighter (6:41:54 PM): Why were you going to scam me
freakinfighter (6:42:42 PM): Ignoring me?
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:43:09 PM): i am not
freakinfighter (6:43:23 PM): Can you answer my questions then?
freakinfighter (6:43:57 PM): Why did you block me?
freakinfighter (6:44:25 PM): And block all my other sns
freakinfighter (6:45:12 PM): ...............
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:45:46 PM): well this is how it went
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:45:54 PM): you sent the money
freakinfighter (6:46:00 PM): mhm
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:46:02 PM): then i used that money to buy some things
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:46:08 PM): then you are like give me my money back
freakinfighter (6:46:18 PM): What..
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:46:27 PM): then lied to paypal
freakinfighter (6:46:43 PM): Are you kidding me?
freakinfighter (6:47:07 PM): "then you are like give me my money back"
freakinfighter (6:47:19 PM): You recalled the thing
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:47:31 PM): i had to becuase you gave the password to your friend
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:47:34 PM): who didnt give it back to you
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:47:39 PM): then you disputed on paypal
freakinfighter (6:47:39 PM): I got it back
freakinfighter (6:47:41 PM): I told you that
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:47:47 PM): becuase i reset it
freakinfighter (6:47:47 PM): Then a few days later
freakinfighter (6:47:51 PM): You recalled it
freakinfighter (6:47:57 PM): Then I was like the pass was changed
freakinfighter (6:48:24 PM): Then I said I wanted my money back and you were like file a claim with paypal it's quicker to get your money back
freakinfighter (6:48:26 PM): So I did
freakinfighter (6:48:42 PM): You blocked me and went against me
freakinfighter (6:48:56 PM): YOU were going to steal 450#
freakinfighter (6:48:59 PM): from me
freakinfighter (6:49:02 PM): $*
freakinfighter (6:49:28 PM): YOU lied to me
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:49:40 PM): nope
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:49:44 PM): you made a fake dispute
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:49:52 PM): you wrote to paypal
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:49:59 PM): "i baught a package and never received it"
freakinfighter (6:50:01 PM): And all the sudden you unblock me becuase the dispute was granted
freakinfighter (6:50:16 PM): You lied too I bet
PUMA2THEHO LE (6:51:11 PM): you are wasting my time with your lies
PUMA2THEHO LE signed off at 6:51:15 PM.

Ok so...scammer got pwned anyway I advise you not to buy any accounts that you arent 100% sure on your not going to get scammed. AND NO1 I MEAN NO1 BUY THIS WARLOCK...KAWATZO ON THUNDERLORD US PVP...Once again U GOT PWNED g4mer!

P.S Sorry if you dont like long messages lol /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif


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That was hard to read.