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got my account stolen


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igot my account stolen but i know sqa
but i dont know the format for entering the phone number
is is (###)###-####
or just all numbers like 1112223333


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here is what happened :
he gave me a wrong acocunt and PW i thought i could trust him but heres aim convo
xtrasx: hey
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: sup
xtrasx: can i please have my account back.... i dont wanna wait till monday
xtrasx: or have ur priest account
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: wat?
xtrasx: cus they can give it back on live support with the cd-key
xtrasx: im curty385
xtrasx: u blocked me after u took my account
xtrasx: can i just please have it now.. i dont wanna wait
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: nope
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: bye
xtrasx: ?
xtrasx: why are u dong this
xtrasx: why would u steal an account
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i dont have any thing
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: ...
xtrasx: you have my account
xtrasx: dont [censored] lie
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: what acc? cs?
xtrasx: no
xtrasx: WoW
xtrasx: please man dont lie
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i dont even play wow
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: ..
xtrasx: the rogue
xtrasx: ....
xtrasx: fine ill just get it back on monday.. but i thought u would have some heart
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i dont have it any anywayz
xtrasx: cus that was mean...
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: sp
xtrasx: whatever
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i hope u die in hell for saying i took something
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: u faget
xtrasx: u traded me for some bene09
xtrasx: or some [censored]

xtrasx: dont u have tobe dead already to go to hell
xtrasx: it doesnt matter
xtrasx: they can still recall that
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX signed off at 3:35:59 PM.


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I realllyyy hate people like that. Makes me feel not so bad when i put their phone number and IP on whatever site finds it useful.


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i tricked him into thinking i was a markee admin

MarkeeA1024: Hi. there is a post on markeedragon that you stole an account.
MarkeeA1024: If it gets proven your ip will be banned from markee.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: huh?
MarkeeA1024: Take a look
MarkeeA1024: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/73551/an/0/page/0#73551
MarkeeA1024: And if its proven your ip will be tracked
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: WAT?
MarkeeA1024: and given to the person who got it stolen.
MarkeeA1024: So just a word to the wise
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: wtf i didnt do that [censored]
MarkeeA1024: I would change the password to what it was, or find a way to contact the person and give it back.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: some 1 has my aim pw
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: ...
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i didnt do that [censored]
MarkeeA1024: Im just warning you what is about to happen.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: wat?
MarkeeA1024: Markee will track your ip and find out where it is, and give it to the person who got his account stolen
MarkeeA1024: And ban your ip from the site.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: wtf
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i didnt steal [censored] man
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i swear
MarkeeA1024: Its not my choice.
MarkeeA1024: There is an investigation.
MarkeeA1024: And the truth will come out.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: so your goin 2 ban me from the site for no reason
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: ...
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i didnt do [censored]
MarkeeA1024: So i would recommend if you did steal something try to contact the person who did steal it from
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: well
MarkeeA1024: Ok well if you know you didnt do anything, then you shouldnt be worried, but if you did
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i dont have it
MarkeeA1024: then you will be given a warning
MarkeeA1024: and everything will be fine.
MarkeeA1024: I am just worning you, friend.
MarkeeA1024: warning*
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: so wats goin on ?
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: wats goin 2 happin
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i dont understand
MarkeeA1024: Well, in about 30 minutes markee wil be able to find out the truth.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: and when that happins?
MarkeeA1024: If the account isnt returned by then, then you will be tracked and banned from markee.
MarkeeA1024: And the person who had it stolen will be able to contact you and decide if he wants to prosecute you in court on handle it on personal terms.
MarkeeA1024: At markee we do not put up with this.
MarkeeA1024: You are given a warning and the post will be deleted if the account is returned.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: wtf
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i didnt even do [censored]
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: so why would i go 2 corty
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: crot
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: ..
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: cort
MarkeeA1024: If you still claim your innocence and its found that you indead steal it.
MarkeeA1024: stole it*
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i didnt steal it
MarkeeA1024: Then what are you worried about then.
MarkeeA1024: If you know you didnt then dont worry.
MarkeeA1024: Otherwise i would contact the origional owner
MarkeeA1024: I know his SN if you dont know it... this will be anonymous if you admit it now and you will not be punished.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: wats his sn?
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: so i can talk 2 him
MarkeeA1024: curty385
MarkeeA1024: If hes not on give me the account information, and i will turn it into our main administrator then it will be delilvered to him by email.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: well look
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i didnt write that
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: so
MarkeeA1024: All im saying is the truth will come out.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: and btw wow u cant trade accs
MarkeeA1024: And if it is proven measures will be taken.
MarkeeA1024: But it is under investigation right now.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i know who took it but wasnt me
MarkeeA1024: Tell me who took it, you need to give me as much information as possible.
MarkeeA1024: I am not here to prosecute you im here to help the situation so everyone is ok.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i can give u his aim
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: but thats it
MarkeeA1024: Very well.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: JPimpin347
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: so i ant in this
MarkeeA1024: How do you know he stole it?
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: cause he was on my aim
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: and i just got up
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: and that guy aimed me
MarkeeA1024: Well you need to contact him and find out.
MarkeeA1024: Because hes not logged on.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: JPimpin347
MarkeeA1024: Hes away messaged.
MarkeeA1024: But from the information you have given me.
MarkeeA1024: It is now your responsibility to find the account information and give it to me.
MarkeeA1024: You have 24 minutes.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: kk
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: curtis pw is dogers101
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: kk
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: this is done now right?
MarkeeA1024: Soon as its verified.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i ant in this
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: so
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: bye
MarkeeA1024: Invalid password.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: dogers101
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: doger101
MarkeeA1024: still invalid
MarkeeA1024: I would recommend you be truthfull with me.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i am
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i not lieing
MarkeeA1024: Once the account is found and returned everythign will be fine.
MarkeeA1024: But i need the correct password.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: o [censored]
MarkeeA1024: And you have 22 minutes to find it.
MarkeeA1024: you have 19 minutes sir.
MarkeeA1024: I really recommend you give me account info or the origional owner the information before that time.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: OK
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i got it from him
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: newpass121
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: thats it
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: try it
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: dude
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i got it
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: try that [censored] son
MarkeeA1024: Ok if its verified then you will be given a second chance.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: thx
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i didnt do it any wayz
MarkeeA1024: Its verified.
MarkeeA1024: Thank you sir.
MarkeeA1024: May you learn your lesson.
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: yeA
MarkeeA1024: haha you [censored] idiot.. im curty385
MarkeeA1024: and i just made u give me my [censored] back
MarkeeA1024: dumbass
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: o will
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: well
MarkeeA1024: god morons these days
MarkeeA1024: What made u wanna steal it anyway
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i dono
MarkeeA1024: Your [censored] scum
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: i shouldnt of did it
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: but have fun peace
MarkeeA1024: Your right you shouldnt have
MarkeeA1024: now give me your priest
XxWh0sYrdADdYxX: no
MarkeeA1024: lol


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LMAO, thats just too funny