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Selling Global ML Shop. ML Karin, ML Cartuja, ml Achates and more. *frequent updates*


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Multiple Accounts
Account 1:

10-10 Finished
Good Selection of Artifacts

5 Stars: Destina, Diene, Tenebria, Lorina
4 Stars: Dingo, Schuri, Achates, Zerato, Mercedes
3 Star: HURADO(ML 3 star), Elson


5 Stars: Siguard Scythe, Noble Oath, BloodStone, Rod of Amarillis
4 Stars: El's Fist, Strak Gauntlet, Elyha's Knife, Dust Devil, Infinity Basket, Rosa Hargana, Water's Origin, Wondrous Potion
3 Stars: Missing Ranon's Memorandum, Sword of the Morning, Forest Totem and Oath Key

Price: 30$USD


Account 2

10-10 Finished
Linked to a dummy google account - will be given to the buyer with the account information.
Haste + ML CARTUJA (OP ML 4 Star)

5 Stars: Haste, Sez, Charlotte, Cecilia
4 Stars: ML Cartuja(ML), Dominiel, Armin, Coli
3 Star: Tieria(5star), pearlhorizon, Kiris, DORIS(OP ML healer), Mirsa (ML),


5 Stars: Edgar scepter
4 Stars: Strak Gauntlet, Aurius, Adamantite shield, Hilarg Lance, Dustdevil, Infinity Basket, Sashe It., Kal'adra, Maghara's tome
3 Stars: 21/22 - Missing Tonpa

Price: 80$USD


Account 3

10-10 Finished
Linked to a dummy google account - will be given to the buyer with the account information.
Haste + Diene(unobtainable) + ML Karin (OP ML 4 Star)

5 Stars: Haste, Diene, Cecillia
4 Stars: ML Karin(ML), Surin, Maya, Lots, Achatets, Cartuja, Mercedes
3 Star: Tieria(5star), Kiris, Elson (4star), Jecht, Gunter(ML), Wanda(ML), Mirsa (ML) and etc


5 Stars: Star song, Time matter
4 Stars: El's Fist, Hell's Cutter, Strak Gauntlet, Adamantite shield, Dreamblade, Elyha's knife, Dustdevil, Infinity Basket, Sashe It., Rosa Hargana, Sira-ren, Wonderous potion vial
3 Stars: 20/22 - Missing Enboy's Pipe and Spear

Price: 100$USD

Account 4
Linked to a dummy google account - will be given to the buyer with the account information.
Shooting Star Achates with ML DORIS AND CHURCH OF ILRYOS AXE

5 Stars: Destina & Sez
4 Stars: ML Achates(ML), Maya, Crozet, Clarissa, Schuri, Cidd, Cartuja, Corvus, Armin
3 Star: Kiris, Elson, Tieria, Doris (ML Healer), Church of Ilryos Axe (ML DMG)


5 Stars: Time Matter, Shimadra Staff
4 Stars: El's Fist, Aurius, Strak Gauntlet, Hilag Lance, Inifnity Basket, Sashe Ithanes, Kal'adra, Sira-Ren, Wonderous Potion Vial
3 Stars: 22/22

Price: 50$ USD

All payments are via Paypal Friends and Family. All prices are open for negotiation - do not hesitate to contact.
For screenshots/questions - Discord: shima#8383
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Multiple Accounts
Great Seller, Provided screenshots and links and was very patient and fast. Would recommend

Provided screenshots, names, and links of all his accounts for sale and was very patient and speedy in delivery. Would recommend.
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