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Global Ml ken+Rose+Bb karin+ 18 nat5

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Reason - Failed to resolve dispute - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/epicseller499-scam-report.1470512/
highest team cp is 225k
nat 5: ml ken, diene, krau, sez, vildred(a),, destina, cermia, bellona, basar 3x, tenebria, chloe 2x, aramintha, 2x tywin, haste, kayron, yufine, 2 baal, 2 charlotte
nat 4: bbk(sss), rose(b), angelica(b), schuri(b), armin, crimson armin, 4x fighter maya, ml achates, 3x rin, dominiel, 4x purrgis, 4x coli, 2x maya, lots, leo, 2x clarissa, 2x achates, 2x cartuja, 3x corvus
nat3: taranor guard sss, kluri sss, requiemroar, gloomy rain x2, wanda, celeste 2x, kiri sss, 5x doris, 2x rikoris, gunther, sven, mirsa
auto wyvern 11(70%) with taranor guard
manual wyvern11(100%) if u summon spirits

Looking to sell for 400. This is my side account been playing since day 1. No mod no nothing everything is done by hand. Feel free to offer me
if you have any question please pm me.

arena: challenger v

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Responsive, trustworthy, and highly respectful seller

When I came across this seller's post, I messaged him right away because I was dying to get my hands on his account. Luckily, he replied to my message promptly and was very communicative with me. Throughout the entire transaction, I felt completely at ease because he was respectful and very patient with me despite having to attend to his own personal matters. Without any doubt, I would definitely do business with this seller again. Thank you for being a legit seller!
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