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Selling [Global] Luna Diene ML Vildred ML Tenebria

Mobile OS


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Account rank 60, Skystones 5421, BM 165 ,Coin 2000+, Abyss 64F
6 Star: Diene +6, Luna +10, Haste +6, Sez +6, Yufine +6, Falcone Kluri +6
5 Star: Specter Tenebria, Arbiter Vildred, Ludwing, Aramintha, Tenebria, Yuna, Ravi, Ml ACAHTES, Mascot Hazel
Lorina and Roozid have 5 star need a little to get SP
4 Star: ML Coli, Crozet, Coli x2, Maya x2, Lots, Leo, Cidd x2, Karin x3, Zerato, Silk x2, Rose x3
Atrifact. 5 Star: Sigurd Scythe +15, Time Matter, Noble Oath +15 (x2), Holy Sacrifice, Celestine, Shimadra Staff +11, Rod of Amaryllis +12, Alexa's Basket, Wind Rider +18 (x2)
MAP Difficult end 10-10 (WORLD)

Price 200 USD paypal
ip hash: 06a4a996e4d10030123200