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Selling [global][epic7] multiple account 1-10 and 1-4 clearance sale no more update :D

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Multiple Accounts
hello im willing to selling global epic7 account here the list:

1-10 :
- Ravi+aramintha+destina+karin+rose+armin 22$ remaining crystal 13 linked to facebook (SOLD)
- Sez+Destina 5$ remaining crystal around 60-70 (SOLD)
- sigret+destina+silk remaining crystal 259 account not linked (SOLD)
- cecilia+destina+carmainerose+kiris 7$ remaining crystal 263 account not linked (SOLD)
- tenebria+sez+Cidd+tieria+kiris 7$ remaining crystal 269 account not linked (SOLD)
- Sez+destina+tieria 7$ remaining crystal 260 account not linked (SOLD)
- cecilia+destina+karin+tieria 9$ remaining crystal 263 account not linked (SOLD)
- Destina+cecilia+iseria+clarissa+*5 artifact holy sacrifice+*4 artifact aurius 28$ remaining crystal 66 (covenant bookmark from daily at 4th day is used) account not linked {SOLD}
- sez+destina+tieria+*4 artifact (elfist, karaldra, dustdevil) 9$ remaining crystal 260 account not linked (SOLD)
- diene+iseria+kiris+tieria 7$ remaining crystal 263 account not linked (SOLD)
- Tenebria+Ravi+Cidd+*5 artifact holy sacrifice+*4 artifact rosa hargana and kaladra 10$ remaining crystal 260, covenant bookmarks that got from daily used, progress daily : 7th day..account not linked ______(SOLD)______
- cecilia+iseria+achates 8$ remaining skystone 0 account not linked (covenant and skystones from daily used, daily at 11th day)
- destina+basar+surin 7$ remaining skystone 43 account link to unverrified stove (covenant and skystones from daily used, daily at 11th day)

New 1-10 (reroll after the event ended remaining skystone around 43, gold around 150k. Account not linked)
- iseria+destina 6$ (created on 9th dec-2018) (covenant bookmarks that got from daily used)
- Aramintha+destina 8$ (created on 9th dec-2018)_____(SOLD)_____

1-4 :
- Haste+cecilia account not linked (SOLD)
- sez+tieria+achates 6$ account not linked (SOLD)

1.i'll do daily free summon on those account until sold, i dont use the item that got from daily (if i do ill write it on the list), the price wont change unless i got *5 heroes or *5 artifact on those account.
2. "MAYBE" i will not rerolling again this time since STOVE like facebook event has ended thats mean no more crystal and bookmarks on 1-4..only mercedez (try it by yourself).
thank you

Also selling 10-10 account:
1.with ML rose and dominiel: (SOLD)
Side story only up to 3s,,,plenty crytal you can get :D
*5 Nat heroes: tenebria, krau, charlottex2, cecilia
*5 upgrade heroes: silk and kiris
*4 Nat heroes: Shadow rose, challenger dominiel, surin, crozet x2, schuri x2, Silk
*3 Nat heroes: 2x tieria, elson
*5 : Song of stars, Time matter, Holy sacrifice, Wind Rinder
*4 : Hell cutter, Rosa hargana, Sashe ithanes, Infinity basket, aurius, water's origin, Dust Devil x2
Skystone 13 left :D
price 80$ (negotiable)
linked to facebook (SOLD)

2. *5 Nat heroes: aramintha+sez+iseria
*4 Arminx2, Schuri, karin, rose
*5 artifact shimadra staff and rod of amarylis
*4 artifact strak gauntletx2, wondrous potion vialx2, hilag lance
side quest untouched, tower of abyss 5f, arena untouched
2 ml pulled : *3 elson and*3 wanda
skystone 4
account not linked..
price 13$

all account have proper nickname..
payment paypal only..fees on me
interested contact me here or at discord beitea#2212 (if not answered thats mean im sleeping..sry)

thank you
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Amazing price and fast service

Very helpful and fast service and amazing price aswell. I would recommend for anyone curious about purchasing from this person! Great quality overall!
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Fast service,

Very good man who takes the time to speak with you and advice you.

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United Kingdom
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best seller chaep and very fast 100% recommendit you buy accout from here if you going to buy a account
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