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Global - 5 ML 5*s | All Limited Except Diene

Mobile OS


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11x6* Units
ML 5* Units : Sage Ball & Sezan, Arbiter Vildred, Fallen Cecilia, Ruele, Dark Corvus

ML 4* Units : Crimson Armin(B), Fighter Maya(B), Blaze Dingo, General Purrgis(C), Auxiliary Lots, Celestial Mercedes, Shadow Rose(SS), Crescent Moon Rin(C), Shooting Star Achates(B), Champion Zerato(SSS)

All ML 3* Units (Non-SC'd)

Limited Units: Luna(B), Baiken, Dizzy, Sol(SSS), Seaside Bellona

Sage Baal & Sezan, Arbiter Vildred, Fallen Cecilia, Dizzy, Sol, Krau, Luna, Sez, Ruele of Light, Crimson Armin, Angelica

Dark Corvus, Lilibet, Baiken, Lilias, Vivian, Violet, Tamarinne, Aramintha, Ravi, Fighter Maya, Auxiliary lots, Blaze Dingo, Celestial Mercedes, Shadow Rose, Clarissa, Schuri(SS), Mascot Hazel, Kiris, Doris, Montmorancy

2 5* Tera Phantasma, 5 5* Tera Phantasma
2 Unknown Slates left.

Rank 65, Arena Master 1 Peak (Could get Champion with push)
Abyss Floor 85, Tower Cleared.
Easy to Raid Normal.
Auto All Hunts.
Team CP: 297k
Stove Login
Mystic Medals: 378. Molagoras: 89 left. Skystones: 7k. Gold: 11mil. Stigma 7.7k.

Price $600

Please PM me for more information and screenshots.

Discord: eXeDes#4950