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Scam Accusation


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this is very long text+picutre, I am sorry for this.
but I can't forgive scam Varyl

I am taiwanese, I am not good at English, but I try my best.
My main acc and My deal acc is differnet, Youtube acc is too
I am doing a lot of deal here epicnpc for over 3 months
I am trade Genshin acc and I helping my clients that find they wanted (my country people),
So only buy acc here, I never sell acc here
I almost payment is G&G and PayPal, but this time this seller I can' use this
There are two acc, I bought from Varyl
and Yesterday I found I got scam 5/13
UID = It is prove, it can't changeable
and two acc price is 71.8+93.85=165.65(included fees)

My DC is
Lainana#6235 this is old one, I use very very long time, I done very much deal with this ID

Sinoya#6235 this is new one now, I changed it because I'd like change name feeling

悠悠的喵喵悠#7144 this is for sale my client only

This seller Varyl
Varyl have 6 feedback, but almost every time Dc number is changed

First Deal One Account (recovered)
username(can't changeable) :varyl002
password: [email protected]
UID(can't changeable):806365414
I have record a video for show it to my client 4/12(The uid = 806365414) :

Second Deal One Account (Scam,Fake acc)
username(can't changeable) :blackheart46 (this username very wired , blach heart?)
password: [email protected]
UID(can't changeable):811945931

Deal One Information
Purchase Date: 12/4/2021
Price : 71.80$ usd(origianl price 70 + fees)
And I Sold it to my client Date: 22/4/2021
Date the problem begain: 11/5/2021
Method of Contact Used (chat progam): discord
At the timing, Seller Discord ID: Varie#3588
My DC ID: Lainana#6235
My DC ID(for my client): 悠悠的喵喵悠#7144 (my client'name is 蘇打)

Deal Two Information (the site is deleted by himself, when he just done the deal and give a fake acc)
Purchase Date: 12/5/2021
Price : 93.85$ usd( origianl price 90.4 + fees)
Date the problem begain: 12/5/2021 (same time)
Method of Contact Used (chat progam): discord
At the timing, Seller Discord ID: Varie#7323 (noticeit is differnet)
My DC ID: Sinoya#6235
My DC ID(for my client): 悠悠的喵喵悠#7144 (my client'name is 精靈)

Deal One DISPUTE Information
Payment : Google/Steam credits with Total 70$ USD
Was Trade Guardian used? no
If yes, what is the Trade Guardian ID?
What is the dispute about? Account have be recovered 5/11

Deal Second DISPUTE Information
Payment : Google/Steam credits with Total 90.4$ USD
Was Trade Guardian used? no
If yes, what is the Trade Guardian ID?
What is the dispute about? Account is different , he just gave a very cheap one 1 ssr, but I bought 14 ssr

this is for show Deleted User 2b31c992 = varyl



the payment,



and after check google cread SN and I got the acc
username: varyl002
password: [email protected]
UID(very important) : 806365414

UID = 806365414

and I sold my acc to my client 4/22 and I already change password to r9OHfcpjJxI67 (username can't change)
username: varyl002
password: r9OHfcpjJxI67

account recoveryed by 5/11 my client report to me
he say "my client stolen" , and I think it is stolen too, I don't notice this is already recover by Varyl at that time 5/11
and Nickname have be changed
and my client still want to the acc back
Pls notice the UID = 806365414

This is already login by others, but the otheres UID=806365414 ~~~5/11


but he can't use that "get back when you forget password" and My client have bind Email and Phone. and he have not get any mail from official.( I still don't notice this be recovery, it is just stolen at that time)
this meaning it only recovered , if stolen by someone, this funtion is still can use

The Text Meaning: Username or Password is wrong


and I check here, not reply, but I think he just use discord very few at that time, I still not notice he is scammer

after my client happaned, so I ask him can help or not,
and here he say "I am not the original owner, but I can get all the details that you wnat!" ( I am still have not notice the original, it is just himself at that time 5/13


After deal one, my new client just need a acc, and just he have.(my client need ganyu+venti+zhongli+hutao and good build)
Here is for Second account, Varie#3588 = Varly

I check the site acc , it is his or not , but this can't check, becuase this deleted by himself, I trust him at that timing, so when I find the acc , I just ask him on dc, but I made big wrong...

there are picutres, is for my client for check he want or not want


and here, I am talk about 74 pulled Guaranteed event char pity banner ( picutre top and down)


and this I just check the numbers(blue ball) ( picutre top and down)
and the stars numbers for my client


here, I check the Zhongli HP ATTACK Crit rate and Crit Dmg for my client
and Ganyu status numbers ATTACK(842+1001= about 1840) 67/175

after I check acc detailes, I am no doubt the deal way , it just like first one deal, so I directly did buy card Serial number with 90.4$ usd



this is, I give him the card SN


and after done gave card sn, he gave me a acc


but when I open it, it is just different acc, and he just don't reply anymore
and I ask him at epicnpc, he just slient ,

afther he slient, and I see the username, it is blackheart46
and, I finally notice it, he is a scam
and this is not only me, the others is maybe will become same situation
and I recognized I already can't got back my money, and I cause my client (蘇打) have be scam too...
I am very sad, but this is my fault , I am too rush , and this time I am careless, this is my first time be scam here.

after this, I check a a lot of infomation with google
I found a big thing, if the acc have be stolen, it is still can use "forget password", and it can get mail message,
but my client 蘇打 acc, it is be retrieved, otherwise I don't think the "forget password" why not effect, and if my client already binded, it is not possible, it can't get any reply mail.
it is only way, just be retrieved.., and thie username Varyl002, and his epicnpc is Varyl , this is very similar

and after this, I check all of Varly sold thread, and I found he used every different DC with every deal.(this is very wired)
and I am genshine trader for 5 month, from my exp, I recognized a big thing

this is this,
"Genshin acc can be retrieve , if you are the first original owner with customer service. the one have the "right" can get back without no matter what the situation"
Varly can just deal small deal for get feedback, and when time is passed(almost 1 month),
and he can just do all acc that to do retrieve and
when he give a fake acc, it is the time, I do the plus..., or I can't understand why he did this to me, this is only why can explain.
and If I don't not guess wrong, it already done 46 times. because the fake acc username is :blackheart46 , the 46 times.
I think he have all account varyl001 002 003 004 ~~very much, and blackheartxx is same 01 02 03 04 05
so I think this scam not only me, it is very many people already got scam

You MUST provide proof or your claim will not be valid!

Chat Log Screenshots (make sure username is visible, not display username):

Payment Screenshots (make sure the accused email is visible): no payment was made

and this is I mail to Genshin for something help, but It just I know, it can't helping
View attachment screencapture-mail-google-mail-u-0-2021-05-14-10_45_28.png


ip hash: eacdb2b3af7964cbb722b3


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Gonna be hard
You've used play credits or steam wallet
Which I think is not refundable
I guess .. goodluck and hopefully he refunds ur money or he gets banned
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Gonna be hard
You've used play credits or steam wallet
Which I think is not refundable
I guess .. goodluck and hopefully he refunds ur money or he gets banned
actually, I think it is no chance that to get money back,
So I already accepted it, but I think it is more importandt thing is,
I don't like someone like me got scam anymore, So if this can stop, this is very enough for me!
and very thank you for your blessing, I will do what I can~ If I have time.
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